Diablo 4 Slither Boss Guide

Slither is a serpentine boss in Diablo 4 that relies on its poison attacks to bring you down. This can be hassle. Here's how to kill it!

In Diablo 4, you will find Slither which is one of the more difficult foes that will test your skills. It has a serpentine appearance and moves around like a snake.

It has three heads and it uses them to unleash hell upon its enemies. To add to your headaches, the fight will include a lot of enemies which will support Slither.

Facing this boss without any preparations will end your Diablo 4 quickly. Therefore, today we’ll be teaching you all about Slither, and you can defeat it in D4.

Where to find Slither in Diablo 4 

Slither can be found in two dungeons. It can be found in either the Forgotten Ruins or the Witchwater. In both these dungeons, Slither acts as the main final boss of the battle.

In the Forgotten Ruins, you will need to defeat all the enemies in the Archives and move to the study halls. Finally, return the two mechanical boxes and face Slither.

In Witchwater, you will need to free four prisoners, collect a Worn key that can be used to open a locked door and in there destroy the Ward of Eyes in the Slithering Crawl. When you completed all the objectives in any one of the dungeons, you can face Slither. 

How to defeat Slither in Diablo 4 

The fight against Slither goes just about the same no matter where you encounter it. It has four attacks that it uses against you. The first one is the acid spit which will deal a lot of poison damage if you get hit by it. However, it will not leave an area of effect around it.  

The next attack is the poison ray; Slither will charge and then send out a ray of poison that extends out in front of it. You will notice a charge-up sequence between it releases poison in a cone shape at a distance. This is your cue to get out of the way. 

The boss also sends out an eyeball-like device in the distance which will then shoot a laser pointing at you. Next, it will break down and leave behind a puddle of poison on the ground which will damage you. The puddle will not go away until some time passes and will spawn smaller serpents which will come out and attack you. 

The last attack it uses is that it calls the Nangari Viletooth. This serpent is like the smaller version of Slither and it only does melee damage. This is not particularly hard to take out but can be a nuisance if you let it linger around for long.

Before starting the fight, keep as much poison protection with you as possible. Elixirs and gear with poison protection are paramount. Avoid as many attack as you can, dispatch its summons, and use every available opportunity to attack and Slither boss in Diablo 4 will go down.

Slither rewards and loot 

You will get a decent amount of gold along with one to two rare items. Apart from 20 Renown for both the regions. You will get the Prodigy’s Aspect from the Witchwater dungeon and Iron Blood Aspect from the Forgotten Ruins.

The Prodigy’s Aspect is the most important aspect for the Sorceress class because it restores mana when you use a cooldown.

The Iron Blood Aspect is exclusive to the Barbarian class. When used, you will get reduced damage taken depending on the number of bleeding enemies around you. 

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