Diablo 4 Broodguard Boss Guide

The Broodguard is a poison based spider boss in Diablo 4 with devastating attacks. This is how you can take her down for good!

Broodguard is a giant horrifying spider boss in Diablo 4 and is counted among the more difficult bosses to defeat.

It has devastating poison attacks and summons minions for backups. The minions also split into smaller minions that will rush you and take out your health in seconds.

You will be in big trouble if you don’t know what to expect. To that end, we will be guiding you through the process of finding the Broodguard in D4 and defeating it.

Where to find Broodguard in Diablo 4 

Broodguard defiled catacomb map location in Diablo 4

The Broodguard spider can be seen and encountered in the following places: 

Most commonly, it can be found deep inside the Defiled Catacomb dungeon. You can find the Catacombs east of Nevesk. We have marked its location on the map above for quick reference.

How to defeat Broodguard in Diablo 4 

Broodguard performs 4 attacks repeatedly. Although the attacks are less their damage is huge. So beware! Broodguard performs the following attacks: 


Mulch Attack 

Broodguard jumps forward to bite you and then spits out three yellow balls of poison. It does this 3-4 times and the size of the balls grows over time. Dodge these because they will do high damage if they hit you. 

Web Spray

The Broodguard jumps forward and spews small webs that fall on the ground. If you are caught with them, you will be immobilized for a bit. It can combine this with the Mulch Attack sometimes.

Brood Call 

The Broodguard summons its companions consisting of 4 spider hosts. They will split into smaller spiders when taken down so either do this quickly or focus on the boss instead.

Mulch Attack 2

This attack is an upgraded form of the basic Mulch Attack. In this, the Broodguard spits out 5 mulch balls instead of 3. Same strategy as before except you’ll have a lot less room to maneuver.  

The main strategy to defeat Broodguard Spider is to stay aggressive right from the beginning. When the Broodguard’s health goes down more than a quarter of the way, it will summon spider hosts. Take these out quickly and ensure you have some area-of-effect attacks to deal with the spiders they release.

The rest of the fight is pretty straightforward. Just make sure you don’t get hit

Broodguard rewards and loot 

Once you have defeated Broodguard, you will be rewarded with a good amount of gold. You’ll also get 1 rare-tier item and 1-2 magic-tier items.

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