Diablo 4 Howling Warren Dungeon Guide

The Howling Warren dungeon will consume some time as you are required to go through several enemies and objectives to complete it in Diablo 4.

As the name suggests, the Howling Warren is a dungeon full of werewolves in Diablo 4. The long-range monsters will test your skills to the utmost level, and you need to go in with a strategy to clear this long dungeon.

The dungeon is without any boss, but its length and objectives make it a tough spot to farm tons of XP. But if you want to target-farm the werewolves, you can give it a go.

Howling Warren location in Diablo 4

You can find the Howling Warren dungeon next to Carrowcrest Ruins in Diablo 4. This is in the Northshore subregion of Socsglen.

Here you will also find a waypoint that reduces your distance to the dungeon, providing a perfect pathway.

The map location and best route to the Howling Warren dungeon in Diablo 4

The fastest route to the Howling Warren dungeon would be from the Braestaig waypoint. You need to move through the small pathway on the south side of the waypoint to reach a larger section of the area.

Keep moving on through this way before reaching an intersection and turn right toward the subregion of Northshore.


You will find the Howling Warren dungeon at the start of the section, situated on the endpoint of an area. Once found, you are in to receive some rewards after defeating the enemies.

Howling Warren completion rewards

In addition to +30 Renown for your first-time completion, you also unlock a legendary aspect in Diablo 4. You can use the Renowns to grab the region’s rewards by collecting a particular amount.

The legendary aspect you get for your Codex of Power is the Offensive Aspect of Arrow Storms in D4. This is a class-exclusive aspect, as it can only be used by players opting for the Rogue class.

With this aspect, your marksmen skills get the ability to create an arrow on the enemy location, dealing a good amount of physical damage. So now let us go through the objectives you must accomplish to get all these rewards.

Howling Warren dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The Howling Warren dungeon will consume some time as you are required to go through several enemies and objectives to complete it in Diablo 4. So you must prepare yourself properly and use the right gear to overcome the ranged enemies if playing as a melee.

Eliminate the Howling Maws

Your first objective in clearing the Howling Warren dungeon is to find and eliminate the Howling Maws in D4.

Other long-range monsters accompany these elite monsters, so you have to look for them while exploring the different areas of the dungeon. You should concentrate more of your attacks on these monsters to complete the objective.

Free the Prisoners

The second objective of this dungeon is to find the prisoners found in the different sections of the area in Diablo 4. You need to look constantly at your mini-map to find the location of the prisoners.

Unfortunately, you will find dead prisoners, so you must put them to rest to complete the objective. So look for them in all the dark places and move on with the dungeon.

Kill all the Enemies

After freeing the prisoners, you will move toward the third area of the Howling Warren dungeon in Diablo 4. Here you will encounter multiple enemies, and you must eliminate each one.

Keep looking at the red dots on your mini-map and clear the areas before moving ahead. This will ensure that you keep the enemy numbers at a manageable level for a single place. After killing all these pawns, an elite monster will appear.

You must defeat this monster to complete the Howling Warren dungeon in Diablo 4.

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