How To Get Edgemaster’s Aspect In Diablo 4

The Edgemaster's Aspect is a great one in Diablo 4 for characters that can manage to retain fully primary resource. Here's how to get it.

 The Edgemaster’s Aspect is a powerful legendary aspect in Diablo 4 that can be used by any class. It provides an increase in the damage dealt based on the primary resource you have. Thus if you have full primary resource, this aspect will give you the maximum boost in damage dealt. 

This aspect is a versatile tool you can use with any class and help you greatly. As such, we’ll be telling you all about where you can get this Aspect and what builds you can use it in.

Edgemaster’s aspect location in Diablo 4

diablo 4 edgemaster's aspect location in dungeon

The Edgemaster’s Aspect is a Codex of Power. This means that it can be found by completing a dungeon in Diablo 4. This dungeon is called the Oldstone Dungeon found in the Scosglen region. You will need to travel to The Downs sub-region and move to the northeast. Here, you will find this dungeon.

To get to the dungeon, you can use either the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint or the Tirmair waypoint. The first waypoint is also near 2 dungeons which are Hive Dungeon and Maddux Watch Dungeon. Near the second waypoint, you will find the Aldurwood Dungeon. Finally, you’ll also find Kor Dragan Stronghold toward the south. 

The Oldstones is a simple dungeon that has the Khazra Abomination as the final boss. Your first task will be to find and return a stone carving to a pedestal. This will open up a door to the Underground Thicket. In this area, you will need to collect Animus from Animus Carriers and deposit them to the Animus Urn. This will open up the gate to the final boss’ chamber. 

Edgemaster’s Aspect builds in Diablo 4 

The Edgemaster’s Aspect can be used with any build because it does not increase the power or effect of any skill in D4. The Edgemaster’s Aspect can be used on a lot of builds, a few are the Barbarian Bleed Build, Barbarian Whirlwind Build, Necromancer Bone spear Build, Necromancer Corpse Explosion Build, Rogue Twisting Blades Build, and Rogue Imbuement Build. 


The Barbarian Bleed Build focuses on using Rend to weaken the enemies and follows it up with Death Blow to kill them. Upgrading them will reduce their Fury requirement which means you’ll have more of it left. As such, you can use the Edgemaster’s Aspect to do even more damage. Similarly, the Barbarian Whirlwind Build which uses the Whirlwind attack as its primary source of attack. Upgrading it will reduce the Fury cost giving more resource for your Aspect.

Now for the Necromancer we have two builds. First is the Necromancer Bone Spear Build and the other is the Corpse Explosion Build. The principle is similar to the barbarian builds mentioned previously. Same with the two Rogue builds.

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