How To Get Aspect Of The Tempest In Diablo 4

The aspect of the Tempest in Diablo 4 only enhances one skill from the Druid skill tree, Hurricane, and makes it deal more damage over time.

The Aspect of the Tempest is one of the best Druid aspects you can acquire in Diablo 4. This aspect enhances the Hurricane skill from the Druid skill tree and makes it deal more damage over time. The more active the skill stays, the more damage it will deal.

Hurricane skill belongs to the wrath node, creating a hurricane around the players, damaging the close enemies on contact.

You can imprint the D4 aspect of the Tempest on various gear items, including amulets, weapons, rings, and gloves.

Aspect of the Tempest location in Diablo 4

Like the rest of the legendary aspects, you can also get this by completing a dungeon or farming. We will go with the former option as it guarantees you of finding this legendary aspect.

The dungeon in question is Blind Burrows, which you can find in the Western part of Hawezar, inside the Fethis Wetlands sub-region.

You can access this dungeon from two locations in Diablo 4. The nearest settlements are Vyeresz (Southeast) and Zarbinzet (West). Players can fast-travel to any of these two waypoints and go to Blind Burrows by following the path marked on the map.


You get to complete this dungeon during A Price to Pay side quest. This dungeon requires you to kill Broodguard to clear the dungeon and obtain Aspect of the Tempest as a reward in D4.

Aspect of the Tempest builds in Diablo 4

As the Aspect of the Tempest is strictly associated with the Druid class and a particular ability to boost, the builds revolving around this legendary aspect will be minimal. But still, you can use it in any of the class builds with Hurricane skills.

This makes the skill deal more damage to the enemies, eventually making your build strong. Storm Werewolf Druid build is an example of a build that performs exceptionally well because of the aspect of the Tempest in D4.

The main purpose of this build is to constantly shapeshift to benefit from many passives that support shapeshifting while rotating non-stop between Storm and Hurricane active skills.

However, this legendary aspect can be used by any Druid build that decides to keep the Hurricane skill active, further amplifying the skill’s capabilities and strengthening the whole build.

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