Diablo 4 Forgotten Ruins Dungeon Guide

In Diablo 4, Forgotten Ruins is a dungeon in the Kehjistan region. Like many other dungeons in D4, this one has a boss fight for you. But ...

In Diablo 4, Forgotten Ruins is a dungeon in the Kehjistan region. Like many other dungeons in D4, this one has a boss fight for you. But before you can get to the boss, you must defeat other enemies like Nangari, Goatmen, and Skeletons.

All of these may not be a walk in the park, and you may need some help. This guide offers a hands-on experience of the Forgotten Ruins Dungeon in D4.

Forgotten Ruins location in Diablo 4

This dungeon is in the area of Kehjistan. It is near the Uldur’s Cave dungeon in the Ragged Coastline subregion. You can find it by traveling west from the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint. This dungeon is one of those located in the southwest outskirts of the Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Forgotten Ruins dungeon walkthrough

This is a huge dungeon, so you could be backtracking your way or even lose all senses if it were not for the minimap. The large area provides sufficient area so you do not get crowd controlled easily. The objectives to clear this dungeon are as follows;

  • Defeat all the enemies in the first part of the dungeon (The Archives)
  • Enter the second area (Study Halls), which an Elite Enemy guards
  • Place the two mechanical boxes on their pedestals to unlock the boss arena.
  • Defeat the Slither.

The Forgotten Ruins dungeon can be challenging as it crawls with serpents and other creatures. You can always take a step back and defeat them with patience. Or you can also decide to unleash hell upon them if your build is capable.

Secondly, an Elite will be waiting to welcome you on the steps to the Study Halls. Defeat this beast to gain access to the next area. Once you finish the Elite, you must clear the next section and find the mechanical boxes in Diablo 4.


You cannot carry both of them simultaneously, so once you find them, place them on a pedestal and look for the second one. This will not be an easy task as they are heavily guarded by monsters in every shape and size.

Lastly, placing the Mechanicals boxes on their pedestals will give you access to the boss arena. Defeat the boss and his underlings to clear the Forgotten Ruins dungeon in D4 and get your hard-earned legendary aspect.

Slither boss fight

This dungeon offers you a chance to go at one of the notorious bosses in the game, the Slither. As the name suggests, this is a serpent-type enemy. With its increased size, it will be much larger than any average serpent in the game.

It also has the most potent venom in all of them, along with a health bar made of solid titanium. Taking it down in D4 Forgotten Ruins will require focus and attention. The Slither has a stun attack that you must watch out for.

Its head will throw a green blob at you, firing a beam. This beam is locked onto your build, so be on your toes and ready to move. Once hit by this beam, you will be stunned for a brief amount of time. The next attack is its AoE projectiles.

It will shoot three Poisonous projectiles at your current location. Pack some defense against poison, and you will be good to go. Overall, this fight will be positional. Maintaining a good position is critical in this battle. The dungeon will be cleared when you defeat the Slither in Diablo 4.

Forgotten Ruins dungeon completion reward

The Iron Blood Aspect is a legendary aspect from the Codex of Power rewarded to you when you clear this dungeon in D4. The Iron Blood Aspect is a defensive aspect that the Barbarian class can use.

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