Diablo 4 Underroot Dungeon Guide

Once you clear the Tur Dulra stronghold, you will unlock its Underoot dungeon which is an excellent source of farming XP in Diablo 4.

Underoot is an excellent dungeon to farm XP if you are looking for great clear speeds in Diablo 4. It is dense with zombies, a lot of which are easy to kill and do not require you to kite them in any way.

Furthermore, the Underroot dungeon has an excellent legendary aspect for Druids, so if you are leveling up a Druid class, get here quickly.

Underroot location in Diablo 4

Underroot tied to the Tur Dulra stronghold in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4. Hence, you will need to clear Tur Dulra in order to unlock its dungeon.

Perhaps the best way to reach this dungeon is by teleporting to the Tur Durla waypoint and then heading south. You can unlock this dungeon after cleaning out the evil that resides in Tur Durla.

Underroot completion rewards

Once you have completed the Udnerroot dungeon in Diablo 4, you will initially be rewarded with an additional +30 Renown. You can keep track of your regional progression and claim your rewards once enough Renowns are reached.

Furthermore, you are given the Aspect of Exceptant. This Legendary enchantment is not class-exclusive and can be used by any class in D4.


Using this Aspect, you will be able to increase the damage to your Core Skills after attacking your enemies with Basic Skills. This makes it one of the most useful Offensive enchantments in Diablo 4.

Underroot dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The danger that resides in the depths of the Underroot dungeon is difficult to overcome. However, by following the required objectives, you will be led to the completion of the dungeon in Diablo 4.

Clear Labyrinth of Rot

As you enter the Underroot dungeon, you will head over to the Labyrinth of Rot which consists of several enemies. Your first objective is to slay each and every enemy you find in the area which are denoted by red dots on the map.

As you slay the enemies, you must make your way to the Chambers of Offering. However, reaching the area is not an easy task as there are several enemies guarding the path to the Chambers.

Make your way through the enemies and into a room consisting of two levers. Activate these levers and head back in search of a Pedestal that is missing a Statue.

To find the Ancients statue, head over to the far end of the room. Once the statue is found, bring it back to the Pedestal and make your way to the Infested Reservoir.

Take down the Egg Clusters

As you enter the Infested Reservoir, you will encounter three Egg Clusters which are marked on the map for further clarification. Your task is to destroy all of them before completing the dungeon and acquiring the rewards.  

These Clusters are Elite structures that are protected by Elite monsters. However, due to the lack of retaliation, they will be taken care of pretty easily. Thus, completing the Underroot dungeon in Diablo 4.

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