How To Get Slaking Aspect In Diablo 4

The Slaking Aspect in Diablo 4 allows you to regain Fury every time Rend deals damage to a bleeding enemy. Here's how to get it.

If you are looking forward to gaining additional Fury then look no further than the Slaking Aspect in Diablo 4. This Legendary enchantment is Resource-type Aspect that belongs exclusively to the Barbarian class

This Legendary Aspect allows Barbarians to gain Fury using Rend when you deal direct damage to a single bleeding enemy. With the additional Fury, you can use your skills faster making it one of the best Barbarian aspects out there.

Here is how you can get the Slaking Aspect in D4.  

Slaking Aspect location in Diablo 4 

The Slaking Aspect is found in the western part of the Dobrev Taiga area in Diablo 4. This area is located in the southwestern part of Fractured Peaks.  

However, to acquire it, you must first make your way to the Maulwood dungeon. You must complete it to acquire the Aspect as a reward.  

You can reach the dungeon by teleporting to the Margrave waypoint. Simply head northeast from the waypoint to reach the Maulwood dungeon.


Inside, there are a few objectives you need to complete. Head over to the Abandoned Camp and slay the Bandit Sentries. Then make your way to the Skeletal Rise and activate the two Levers.  

At the end of the dungeon, you will face three Skeletal Constructs and you’ll need to destroy them to claim the Slaking Aspect. 

Slaking Aspect builds in Diablo 4 

The Slaking Aspect primarily focuses on the ability to regain Fury every time your Rend skill deals damage to a bleeding enemy. The best build to use with this Aspect would be the Bleeding Barbarian Build. 

This build relies on the Barbarian’s bleed ability that to deal damage over time. Since the Slaking Aspect deals damage through the use of Rend, skills such as the Death Blow will help you gain additional Fury. If you manage to kill an enemy with one hit with the Death Blow, the skill resets itself and you gain Fury.

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