How To Get Blighted Aspect In Diablo 4

Blighted Aspect is a Necromancer class-exclusive legendary aspect in Diablo 4 that works with Shadowblight passive skill.

Blighted Aspect is a Necromancer class-exclusive legendary aspect in Diablo 4. The aspect works with Shadowblight passive from the Necromancer skill tree, increasing its damage. Blighted Aspect increases the damage of the Shadwblight key passive by 50 to 120% for a short time, provided the passive has already damaged enemies ten times.

The offensive aspect is quite useful when dealing with large hordes of enemies as a Necromancer. The Blighted aspect in D4 is perfect for crowd control. You will want to unlock this aspect in your Codex of Power for Necromancer class.

Blighted Aspect location in Diablo 4

Blight Aspect is unlocked in your Codex of Power after you complete Akkhan’s Grasp dungeon. You can purchase the aspect once you have completed the dungeon.

Akkhan’s Grasp dungeon is one of the three Ruins of Rakhat Keep dungeons in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4. From the entrance into the ruins from Fethis Wetlands, turn left and take the path across the entrance of Steadfast Barracks to get to the dungeon.

Blighted Aspect build in Diablo 4

The perfect build incorporating Blighted Aspect as a critical factor is the Blight Build for Necromancer class in D4. The build is entirely crowd control and exceptionally well-equipped to fight off multiple enemies without any trouble.

You can use the Book of the Dead for the build where you deal additional shadow damage, including Shadowblight, increase attack speed, damage ten enemies with Shadowblight faster, and even increase damage dealt to all vulnerable enemies.


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