Diablo 4 Knight Council Boss Guide

The Knight Council is a unique boss in Diablo 4 where players fight off multiple combatants simultaneously. Here's how to take them down!

Knight Council is a dungeon boss that players can encounter in multiple dungeons in Diablo 4. It is a unique boss since you will be fighting multiple enemies at the same time, and we don’t mean summons.

The Knight Council consists of four knights in total and you will have to fight any of three of them at once in D4. Following is the list of all the knights in the Knight Council:

  • Devoted Champion (Melee Focused)
  • Grand Inquisitor (Ranged Focused)
  • Lord Commander (Dread Knight Type)
  • Scared Physician (Holy Magic Healer)

All of them are unique in their appearance and have different moves. Since you fight any three of them at random, every fight with the Knight Council will be unique. As such, we’ll be teaching you how you can find this unique boss and how you can defeat them.

Where to find Knight Council in Diablo 4

The Knight Council can appear as bosses for multiple dungeons. Following is the list of all the dungeons that can have Knight Council as the final boss:

Light’s Refuge

Knight Council boss location in Diablo 4

It is located in the Northwestern corner of the Dismal Foothills region. It’s fairly easy to reach as there are multiple passages leading to it.

Heretics Asylum

Knight Council map location in Diablo 4

It is located on the western coast of the Ragged Coastline region. This Dungeon is straight to the West of Uldur’s Cave.

Maugan’s Works

This particular dungeon is located in the heart of the Fethis Wetlands Region. You can find it easily by traveling to the Southeast from the Light’s Wane.

Kor Valar Ramparts

It is located in the Kor Valar Region. It’s pretty hard to miss as this region is very small.

How to defeat Knight Council in Diablo 4

The recommended level to take out the Knight Council is around level 50. You can attempt this fight at slightly lower levels but it will be extremely tough. Having some AOE attacks in your skill arsenal is also ideal as you will be taking on 3 enemies at once.

Following are the specific guidelines to deal with each member of the Knight Council:

Sacred Physician

This is the healer for the Knight Council that uses holy magic to heal other members while he is alive. Getting rid of him first is essential for a swift victory. The longer he lives, the more difficult this boss fights becomes as he will keep healing the others.

The Sacred Physician also can resurrect the Lord Commander. The big guy will keep coming back as long as Sacred Physician is alive. The cooldown of this resurrection varies but it’s short enough to be a huge nuisance.

Lord Commander

He is the largest member of the Knights Council and subsequently has the most health. He is armed with a giant mace that can be devastating at close range. His melee attack also has very large hitboxes.

Moreover, he also uses a lot of AOE attacks that are hard to dodge, especially if you are busy fighting other members of the Knight Council.

In one of his attacks, he slams the mace on the ground and sends 5 shock waves in various directions. This move can’t easily be dodged if you don’t have evade charges.

In another AOE attack, the Lord Commander brings down lighting 4 lightning bolts. Even though this move is slow, it is still very dangerous due to its very high damage.

His AOE attacks can be very annoying, but he moves around slowly so you can easily keep your distance.

Grand Inquisitor

He is a mage-type enemy that uses lighting magic using a staff. He has relatively low health as compared to other members of the Knights Council but has high damaging attacks. All of his attacks are projectile based.

He can chip down your health if you completely ignore him and fight other members. We recommend taking him out right after killing the Scared Physician.

Devoted Champion

This Knight is a melee-based enemy armed with a one-hand mace. He uses simple melee attacks that can be easily dealt with by zoning in on him. You can take him out with relative ease at any stage of the fight.

We recommend focusing on other knights before fighting him.

Knight Council rewards and loot

Defeating the Knight Council will drop the following rewards:

  • Around 500 Gold
  • 1x rare-tier gear item
  • 1x magic-tier gear item

You also unlock a legendary aspect whose type depends on the dungeon in which you have defeated the Knight Council.

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