Diablo 4 Abandoned Mineworks Dungeon Guide

Conquering the Abandoned Mineworks Dungeon in Diablo 4 can get very hectic due to the high-density monster spawns.

The Abandoned Mineworks Dungeon is unlike most other dungeons in Diablo 4 since it doesn’t feature its own dungeon boss. Considering this dungeon is a very late-game hit for most players its reward also reflects that.

The Offensive Aspect of Retribution is one of the best Legendary Aspects you can add to increase your attack power in any end-game build, which makes it a must-hit for veterans. Not to mention you can also find the Tarasak waypoint here as well.

Conquering the Abandoned Mineworks Dungeon in Diablo 4 can get very hectic due to the high-density monster spawns, but not to worry as we will guide you through the process.

Abandoned Mineworks location in Diablo 4

Abandoned Mineworks dungeon location in Diablo 4

To find the Abandoned Mineworks Dungeon in Diablo 4, you’ll need to venture to the Kehjistan region. Make your way over to the Gea Kul location there, from where you’ll need to continue the path leading northeast.

As you head along this path you’ll eventually reach the Scouring Sands subregion where the Abandoned Mineworks is located.

Abandoned Mineworks completion rewards

Like all other Dungeons in Diablo 4 conquering the Abandoned Mineworks Dungeon will earn you a Legendary Aspect and 30 Renown. The Offensive Aspect of Retribution is a very versatile late-game aspect that can be equipped by any class type.

It not only gives you an increased chance to stun enemies but also considerably increases your damage against stunned enemies. This makes it suited to a variety of Stun builds in Diablo 4.

Abandoned Mineworks dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Most Dungeons in Diablo 4 will heavily rely on how you deal with large swarms of enemies crowding you out. The Abandoned Mines will test you on this more so than the others as you may feel the corridors to be more congested than some of the other Dungeons you have faced.

You’ll need to effectively clear them out before their numbers get too out of hand. The best way to go about it is to stay on the move constantly but even so, there are some sections that will crowd you out no matter what.

The primary monsters that spawn at the Abandoned Mines are Spiders, Banshees, and Spirits.  Use powerful AoE attacks to clear waves of them at once and keep thinning their numbers.

Secondly, all the objectives that you need to compete at the Abandoned Mines are at the far ends of the Dungeon. Meaning that even though Abandoned Mineworks isn’t the largest or most complex Dungeon in Diablo 4, it will still take considerable time to get across it.

Free the Prisoners

The first objective you get tasks you with freeing 6 prisoners trapped inside the Abandoned Mines Dungeon. As mentioned this task will have you exploring quite a significant part of the Dungeon as you walk your way over to the objective location.

The main challenge you face here is running into swarms of enemies that summon in every room and corridor you enter. You can choose to eliminate them in any way you please but we don’t recommend ignoring all of them to rush forward.

Their numbers can rise and become troublesome to deal with later on. As mentioned above AoE attacks are best to defeat them and you can even use the surrounding barrels to your advantage.

Travel to the Haunted Tunnels

Once you complete the first objectives and free all 6 prisoners your next objective will be to head to the Haunted Tunnels. This will be the new section of the Dungeon to explore, continue on the path to lead you to a new room.

Here you will find even more enemies spawning along with a Silken Spire.

Activate levers

Here at the Haunted Tunnels, you will need to activate 2 levers to complete the next objective. You will have to take out the summoned monster and Silken Spire before you can get to that though.

There will be more barrels in this room that you can use to help you in taking them out. Remember there will be certain AoEs in the room as well so watch your step to avoid standing in them for too long.

Defeat the Forsaken Miners

The Abandoned Mines does not feature a final boss fight. Meaning your final objective to conquer the Dungeon will be to eliminate three Forsaken Miners

Now, this is a more difficult task than it would seem. Firstly, not only are the Forsaken Miners Elite enemies themselves but they will also be accompanied by several other monsters, including other Elite ones.

The Forsaken Miners can prove to be a handful as they receive three different boosts to themselves including a Hellbinders restricting one. Fighting several Elites at once can be tricky so be ready for this phase.

Once you track all three Forsaken Miner’s spawn locations and eliminate them, you’ll successfully conquer the Abandoned Mines Dungeon in Diablo 4.

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