Diablo 4 Ancient’s Lament Dungeon Guide

In Diablo 4, Ancient's Lament is a dungeon in which you don't have to fight a boss. But that doesn't mean you will not get the loot from ...

In Diablo 4, Ancient’s Lament is a dungeon in which you don’t have to fight a boss. But that doesn’t mean you will not get the loot from here. You can farm valuable loot from here and get the Aspect Of Volatile Shadows as the final reward for completing it.

This guide will help you find the entrance to the Ancient’s Lament dungeon in D4 and complete its objectives to get the rewards.

Ancient’s Lament location in Diablo 4

You must head to the Dry Steppes region to find this dungeon entrance. To be more precise, it is right on the border of Untamed Scarps and Jakha Basin.

The best possible route to Ancient’s Lament is to fast-travel to the Hidden Overlook Waypoint and travel southwest to the border by crossing the Jakha Basin area.

 This waypoint holds great importance as you get access to dungeons like Guulrahn Slums, Guulrahn Canals, and Buried Halls.

Ancient’s Lament completion rewards

You will receive +30 Renown along with the Offensive Aspect of Volatile Shadows after clearing the Ancient’s Lament dungeon in Diablo 4. The aspect can be used in different builds for the Rogue class


How to complete Ancient’s Lament in Diablo 4

This dungeon is one of the many which do not offer a boss fight at the end. Instead, you will face entire hoards of hell-spawns. Your main objective won’t be to eradicate them from the face of the map, but it will be much easier for you to focus on the monsters out of your way.

Once you’re done with the monsters, you will be tasked with the following objectives;

  • Find Ancient Statues and return them to their pedestals.
  • Go to the locked room and survive.
  • Destroy the Demonic Corruptions.

Find Ancient Statues and return them to their pedestals

Completing these objectives will complete Ancient’s lament dungeon in D4 but beware; this is no child’s play. This dungeon has extremely narrow pathways, which can cause you to be crowd controlled or make it harder to escape.

Have some CC skills ready before you head out to the dungeon. Secondly, the statues won’t be that easy to place. Hell-spawns and Elites will heavily guard each statue.

Even after you defeat them, you can only carry one statue at a time. Picking up another will drop the first one. So make sure you do this step by step.

Next, when you head into the locked room, which will open after the statues are in their respective places, bigger hordes of enemies will spawn wave after wave.

Ensure you’re topped off before heading to increase your chances of survival. If you manage to survive these endless waves of agony, congratulations. Your final objective awaits you.

Destroy the Demonic Corruptions

The final objective will be to destroy the Demonic Corruptions in Diablo 4 Ancient’s Lament. The Demonic Corruptions are statues and do not attack you themselves.

If you’re wondering how to spot them, they won’t be that hard to miss out as they are also heavily guarded by Elites and demonic creatures.

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