Best Ways To Farm XP In Diablo 4

Most players will want to get to the max level as soon as possible, so knowing how XP farming works in Diablo 4 is a must.

The maximum level you can reach with a character is level 100 in the new Diablo sequel. That grind will not be easy without knowing some good XP farming techniques in Diablo 4.

This is because once you go past level 50, your XP gains start to dry up. You have to spend more time farming monsters for only little XP amounts.

Since you are likely to be leveling up multiple characters from different classes, the level process of Diablo 4 becomes pretty frustrating and time-consuming.

Do note that you get a total of 58 skill points after reaching level 100. 48 of those skill points are unlocked through leveling alone.

Hence, keep reading to know the best methods to increase your XP gains in Diablo 4. This is how you are going to reach the max level of your character in the least time.

Play in a party

Similar to the previous installments in the franchise, playing Diablo 4 in a party gives you several party bonuses. One of them is a 10 percent XP buff which is huge, to say the least.

You can invite any random stranger you meet on the road to your party. Simply open your action wheel (emote wheel) and find the “Invite to Party” option.

Then again, if you are not in the mood to play in a party, you can simply stay near another player to get a 5 percent XP bonus.

Keep an eye on your HUD at the bottom of the screen. If you see an icon appear with two people and an arrow, it means there is a player nearby. Find him quickly and help him out for some quick XP gains.

Craft and drink Elixirs

It so often gets ignored that every Elixir in D4 gives you an XP buff as a bonus alongside its original effects.

The buff lasts for 30 in-game minutes and increases your XP gains between 3 and 5 percent depending on the kind of Elixir you drink.

It is also important to know that Elixirs do not stack. You can only keep one Elixir active at any time. Drinking another bottle will just replace the first one.

Elixirs are cheap to craft, making them an excellent way to farm XP in Diablo 4. Once you unlock the Alchemist after reaching level 10, you can start crafting Elixirs using the plants and herbs you gather from the ground.

Hence, by just drinking an Elixir and playing in a party, you can maintain a 15 percent XP buff in Diablo 4.

Pick every side quest

Completing all side quests is another guaranteed way to farm loads of XP in Diablo 4. This is something you are probably already aware of.

What you might not be aware of, though, is that almost all side quests in D4 take place on your main paths or in the main story areas.

The idea here is to pick every side quest you can find on your map. They are marked with a blue exclamation sign. Then head out. You are bound to encounter (and complete) most of your side quests while you are following the main story quests or doing your own exploring.

You do not have to go out of your way to complete any side quest in D4.

Claim your Renown

Every region in Diablo 4 has certain milestones or objectives that earn you rewards. Claiming all Renown earned through regional progress gets you bonus gold, skill points, potion charges, and most importantly, bonus XP.

Open your map (TAB) and then head into your “Region Progress” (W) to see your current progress. Do note that your Renowns depend on the World Tier difficulty you are playing on. Higher Tiers give you better rewards.

Have an AOE build ready

One of the best XP farming tips in Diablo 4 is to save time by killing large groups of enemies for large amounts of XP.

Here, it is important that you have an AOE skill unlocked. Every class in D4 has an AOE build. Do not make the mistake of making a single-target build at the start of the game. You will have an incredibly tough time.

Take out multiple mobs in single attacks, and use crowd control and area of effect skills to finish off enemies quickly.

It allows you to move through the dungeons faster and, as such, level up more quickly in Diablo 4. These abilities will be pretty helpful when you get to higher-level areas and allow you to save on resources for a more difficult fight later on.

Play on World Tier 3 or higher

When you start a new character, you are going to choose between World Tier 1 and 2 difficulty levels. Tiers 3 and 4 are locked until you beat the main storyline.

Make sure to pick Tier 2 (Veteran) at the start for its 20 percent increase XP bonus. Switching to Tier 3 (Nightmare) will increase that XP bonus to 100 percent.

Finally, if you are feeling brave, playing Diablo 4 on the highest difficulty tier, Torment, will see your character get a 200 percent XP bonus from every monster killed.

Clear out dungeons

Always remember that dungeons are the best ways to farm XP in Diablo 4. There is no other activity that is going to level you up faster in D4.

Dungeons are what you start spamming in the endgame for better gear. While Blizzard Entertainment did come around recently to nerf a few particular dungeons that were being exploited for XP, they are still the best option out there to get levels on your character.

The optimum type of Dungeon to target in this case are those having a high volume of Elite monsters and are fairly short to complete. This combo will allow you to farm as many Dungeons as possible while at the same time getting significant XP from completing each one.

Again, two dungeons that perfectly fit this description are the Champion’s Demise and Iron Hold dungeons. You should keep the profile of these dungeons in mind more so than their names as they could get patch updates.

Spam these Nightmare dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons may not be the most consistent XP source considering the travel time in between and the more complex layouts that may take longer to complete.

That being said they are still a solid option to have once you do come across one. We suggest punching up to at least a three-level higher Nightmare Dungeon since this seems to be the sweet spot for completion difficulty and XP bonus.

You’ll also be able to rock your usual build setup as it is since the enemies don’t offer that big a challenge. If you want to understand the Tier system of the Nightmare dungeons here’s how it goes.

You need to add 53 to the Tier number of the Dungeon to know the recommended level for attempting that dungeon. So, a T9 dungeon’s recommended level will be 62, which is perfect for a level 59 player, and so on.

Nightmare Dungeon offers numerous rewards apart from regular XP which makes farming them worthwhile. You can receive Unique Items and Glyph XP for completing them.

Just remember to check if the dungeon has the Lightning Storm and Resource Burn affix, in which case we recommend skipping them as they prove to be more of a hassle than they are worth..

We suggest you try the following Nightmare Dungeons as they have proven to stay consistent in terms of enemy spawns. They also have relatively shorter layouts so you can complete them quicker.

Join Legion and Helltide events

The limited-time events of Legion and Helltide are great XP grabs that you shouldn’t sleep on. While they may not be a consistent hit-and-run like the regular dungeons in Diablo 4, these events give you more than enough opportunity to kill plenty of high-level enemies for XP.

Helltide is especially great for farming these kills considering the higher spawn rate and level, which is 2 levels greater than your current level. If this wasn’t enough, you also get a chance to stock up on other goodies such as Forgotten Souls.

The Legion Events are fairly easy to miss out on since they appear randomly on the map. This is indicated by a circular region shown on the map screen along with a timer that reads 5 minutes to its start time.

Like the Helltide event, you will find a higher spawn rate of enemy troops in the Legion event as well, whom you can take out to farm plenty of XP.

Get a friend for power leveling

Power Leveling is essentially being carried through the entire duration of a dungeon run by a high-level player. Your role here will be pretty straightforward.

In fact, all you have to do is find a high-level dungeon that you have little hope of completing by yourself, follow someone attempting it and enter inside the Dungeon area, and stand just by the door.  

You’ll have to do nothing but stand in your position letting the other person do all the work.

Yes, as crazy as it sounds Power Leveling is a very viable strategy to farm XP by letting a friend or stranger take on dungeons that are way above your experience level.

As the other player continues to get kills to eventually progress and complete the Dungeon, you will also receive the XP spoils on his completion.

If you are looking for a speed run to level 50, then by using this strategy it is achievable in even an hour. Your progress will slow down beyond that point, but it is still a recommended strategy to push you to levels 60-70.

We suggest you try the following Dungeons as they have proven to stay consistent in terms of enemy spawns. They also provide you with a relatively safe space to camp at the entrance.

  • Champion’s Demise
  • Iron Hold
  • Blind Burrows

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