How To Get Aspect Of Bursting Bones In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Bursting Bones improves your Bone Prison skill to deal damage when the prison is broken in Diablo 4.

When it comes to offensive legendary aspects for the Necromancer class, the Aspect of Bursting Bones is another aspect up for consideration in Diablo 4.

This aspect enhances your Bone Prison skill that, as the name suggests, traps enemies in a cage made of bones. When the cage breaks or expires, the aspect does AoE damage to all enemies in a radius.

The Aspect of Bursting Bones can hardly be categorized as one of the best Necromancer aspects in Diablo 4 due to its rather general use. There are loads of other aspects that the class can make use of to enhance its more offensive skills in the Necromancer skill tree.

Aspect of Bursting Bones location in Diablo 4 

The Aspect of Bursting Bones can be found as a reward for completing the Path of the Blind dungeon. This dungeon is located in the Khargai Crags, in the Dry Steppes region. You can reach this dungeon from either the Farobru Waypoint or Fate’s retreat.

The best way to reach the Path of the Blind dungeon is by heading southwest and on the crossroads where the path splits into two, head for the eastern one.

After you reach another intersection, turn left and continue your journey in the northeastern direction until you reach the dungeon. The path will be swarming with enemies so keep up the pace.


To the southwest, you will also find the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold and the Mournfield dungeon.

In the Path of the Blind dungeon, you will find many creatures roaming about the dungeon. The first objective in the dungeon is to Slay the Blind Guardians.

After killing them, travel to the Temple of Sight and return 3 bloodstones to the pedestal. Finally, when the gate opens, you can go and defeat the final boss called Scourge of the Land.

Aspect of Bursting Bones builds in Diablo 4

There are several Necromancer builds that use the Bone Prison skill, so you can choose anyone from the lot for the Aspect of Bursting Bones.

The Bone Spear Necromancer build, for example, makes use of the Bone Prison skill to either fortify your character or make enemies Vulnerable.

Either way, the Bone Prison skill is mostly used as a survival skill that helps you keep a distance between yourself and the enemies. It’s perfect to create group enemies before landing tons of damage on them.

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