Diablo 4 Tomb Of The Saints Dungeon Guide

Tomb of the Saints in Diablo 4 is another dungeon in Kehjistan Region. This dungeon is home to many deadly enemies, including phantoms ...

Tomb of the Saints in Diablo 4 is another dungeon in Kehjistan Region. This dungeon is home to many deadly enemies, including phantoms and maggots; however, the good thing is that you don’t have to fight with all of them.

You can simply speed run the first area of the dungeon, as there’s no such objective where you need to slay all enemies. As you reach the end part, Resurrected Malice in D4 is waiting to kill you.

Tomb of the Saints location in Diablo 4

Tomb of the Saint’s Dungeon in D4 is located in the Kehjistan region in the Amber Sands. The closest waypoint to the Tomb of the Saints would be the Altar of Ruin waypoint but for that, you need to conquer the Altar of Ruin stronghold first.

If you haven’t completed the stronghold, you can always fast-travel to Alzuuda waypoint in Dry Steppes or Iron Wolves Encampment in Kehjistan and then move towards the dungeon.

Diablo 4 Tomb of the Saints dungeon walkthrough

Like all other Dungeons, Tomb of the Saints requires you to fulfill several objectives, and then, in the end, you will be rewarded with a legendary aspect.

The first area of this dungeon comprises ghosts, phantoms, and maggots. However, fortunately, in this part, no objective requires you to kill all the enemies you see.


Activate Switches

Thus, simply try to avoid the maximum number of enemies and reach the location of the first objective. The first objective inside the Tomb of the Saints is to activate switches. However, this objective isn’t so tricky, and you can activate these switches simply by interacting with them.

There are no locks or anything that require a lot of effort or time to unlock; thus, this objective is straightforward. As you activate all the switches, you will get 30 renown.

Slay enemies

Once you have activated all switches, you can enter the second area passing through the door that unlocks. You will encounter enemies like Ghosts and Phantoms as you reach this area. However, this time you can’t ignore these enemies. To move through this part, you first need to slay these enemies in Diablo 4.

Defeat Resurrected Malice

As you defeat all the enemies and reach the end part, you will encounter Resurrected Malice. This is the major part of the dungeon, as it is one of the most challenging bosses to fight with. Defeat Resurrected Malice; this way, you can finish all the objectives inside the Tomb of the Saints in D4.

Tomb of the Saint’s dungeon completion reward

You will get an Incendiary Resource Aspect on completing Tomb of the Saints. This aspect can only be used when playing with the Sorcerer class and increases your burning damage up to 4-10% in Diablo 4.