Diablo 4 Leviathan’s Maw Dungeon Guide

The Leviathan's Maw in Diablo 4 is a small dungeon that you will find in the Hawezar region. This dungeon didn't have a boss, but you ...

The Leviathan’s Maw in Diablo 4 is a small dungeon that you will find in the Hawezar region. This dungeon didn’t have a boss, but you will face difficult enemies like Cultists and Elites. Other than tackling these enemies, you just have to complete two objectives.

After completing these objectives of the Leviathan’s Maw dungeon in D4, you can claim your reward: Aspect.

Leviathan’s Maw location in Diablo 4

This dungeon is located in the southeast corner of Hawezar region. It is in the Toxic Fens subregion of the Hawezar. The nearest waypoint is the Vyeresz Waypoint which can be a fast travel point. Once you reach this point, travel south, where this dungeon can be found along the shoreline.

Diablo 4 Leviathan’s Maw dungeon walkthrough

This dungeon is relatively small and packed with enemies. The objectives are also relatively easy as;

  • Return the 2 Bloodstones to their Pedestals.
  • Travel and defeat all the enemies in the Flooded Ruins.

As this dungeon doesn’t offer a boss fight, it will be crawling with enemies. Its location on the map makes it a perfect hideout for Cultists from every cult. These cultists will be your main enemies, and they can also use Ranged attacks, so be prepared to go in.

Placing the bloodstones on their pedestals will allow you to travel to Flooded Ruins by disabling a barrier put up by these cultists. Slay all the enemies there, and you should be done with the Leviathan’s Maw dungeon in D4.

Due to its small size and a short list of easy objectives, this is an ideal location for farming in Diablo 4. You can farm XP and many other things, such as drops from the enemies you’ve slain. The number of drops is also more significant as there are loads and loads of enemies.

Once you’ve completed this dungeon, enter it again to start your farming process.

Leviathan’s Maw reward

Clearing out the Leviathan’s Maw dungeon in Diablo 4 for the first time will reward you with the legendary aspect; Aspect of Siphoned Victuals for the Codex of Power. This is a defensive aspect for the Rogue Class in Diablo 4.

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