How To Get Aspect Of Might In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Might in Diablo 4 is a nice generic Aspect that can be used by numerous builds and characters that make use of basic skills.

The Aspect of Might is a defensive legendary aspect that can be used by any class in Diablo 4. This aspect is one of the best generic aspects of the game.

The Aspect of Might, when added to your gear, will give you a 20% increase in damage reduction each time you use a basic skill. This effect will last for 2 to 6 seconds per cast. So if you keep using your basic skills, you’ll have the damage reduction.

Many builds for the Diablo 4 classes make use of basic skills in some shape or form. And as such, will find many uses for this aspect. Here is how you can find and get the Aspect of Might in Diablo 4. 

Aspect of Might location in Diablo 4

The Aspect of Might can be obtained by completing the Dark Ravine dungeon which is located in the Tusmaa Rift sub-region in the Dry Steppes of Diablo 4. 

You will need to unlock the Tusmaa Rift area by completing the main quest called Whittling Sanity before you can take this on.

The Dark Ravine Dungeon can be approached from either the Farobru area or the town of Ked Bardu. Alternatively, you can start from the Onyx Watchtower stronghold and head on to the path in the northeast.


Carry on the path until you cross the point where the Mournfield dungeon is located. From here look for a left path and proceed towards it and you will enter Tusmaa Rift. Take the first right here and move along the way until you reach the dungeon. 

Your first task as you enter the dungeon is to find, collect, and then deposit Animuses in the Animus Urn. This will open the way to the Ancient Cavern where you have to defeat three Favoured enemies.

After killing them, the door to the final boss chamber will open. This boss is called Mother’s Judgment. She can use teleport and has a lot of AoE attacks. So keep an eye out for them. Once it’s down, the Aspect of Might will be yours as a reward. 

Aspect of Might builds in Diablo 4 

The Aspect of Might is a generic legendary aspect that activates when you use any basic skill.

The barbarian class has multiple builds which use basic skills. These builds include the Hammer of the Ancients build, Death Blow Build, Rend Build, and Party Support build. All of these builds use basic skills such as Lunging Strike, Flay, Bash, among others. 

The Sorceress class also has many skills which can use the Aspect of Might. The Lightning Sorceress build, the Arch Lash build, Charged Bolts build, and the Lightning Ball Build are some builds that can make good use of this aspect. These builds use the basic skills called Arch Lash Skill and the Fire Bolt skill. 

The Rogue class builds which use basic skills are the Cold Imbuement Build, Death Trap Build, Flurry Build, Penetrating Shot Build, and Poison Trap Build. These builds only use one basic skill which is the Puncture skill. 

For the Necromancers, there are the Blight Build and Sever Build. Both of these builds use Basic skills such as Bone Splinters and Reap. 

Finally, the Druid also has two builds that can incorporate the Aspect of Might in Diablo 4. These are the Earthen Bulwark Build and the Landslide Build. Both of these have basic skills used which are the Strom Strike and Claw skills. 

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