Diablo 4 Charnel House Dungeon Guide

The Charnel House dungeon in Diablo 4 is a medium-sized dungeon with mobs of powerful enemies running up on you. This dungeon is the ...

The Charnel House dungeon in Diablo 4 is a medium-sized dungeon with mobs of powerful enemies running up on you. This dungeon is the place where the prisoners are kept behind locked gates, being the food for the Demons. Completing this dungeon’s objectives is not difficult, but the locked cages will waste a lot of your time in the opening, which takes about 5 seconds.

Despite being a randomized layout, the dungeon is circular with a typical layout consisting of a Meat Storage and a Feeding Pit. The dungeon is infested with the cannibals like Gorger and the Executioner, which add to the dungeon’s difficulty.

Charnel House in D4 offers the legendary Aspect of Perpetual Stomping, a vital Mobility skill for the Barbarian Class. We will walk you through the Charnel House Dungeon and every objective to clear this dungeon.

Charnel House location in Diablo 4

You can find the Charnel House dungeon in the Untamed Scarps area of Dry Steppes, next to the Temple of Rot and Fields of Hatred. It is located south of Ked Bardu and northeast of the Jirandai waypoint.

The map location of Charnel House and how to get there in Diablo 4.

Charnel House completion rewards

After clearing the Charnel House dungeon in D4, you will be rewarded with 30 Renown points and a Barbarian legendary aspect, Aspect of Perpetual Stomping. This Aspect will reset the cooldown of Leap if you damage the opponent with Kick or Ground Stamp.

How to complete Charnel House in Diablo 4

You must go through and complete three objectives to complete this dungeon and earn the Aspect.


Free the prisoners

In the first objective, you must free the prisoners in the dungeon. They will be locked in cages, so you must look for them in the dungeon and open gates to free them. Opening gates will take more time, so beware of roaming enemies.

During the Charnel House exploration, you will face several cannibals in the halls who will attack you on sight, so be mindful of them. The area will be congested with cramped rooms, so try to first attack the enemies with long-range attacks to clear the area.

Gorger is the main enemy that can give you a tough time here in Diablo 4. You must dodge its weapons attacks, as they can stun you. You should always keep an eye on him.

Slay Vardok and collect the Feeding Pit key

After releasing six prisoners, you need to fight a mini-boss named Vardok. It is not the final big boss but is the most difficult one in the dungeon. You have to defeat it to get the key to the Feeding Pit.

It will attack you with its poison AoEs which will deal significant damage and causes you to slow down. So, reposition yourself and use long-range attacks to save yourself from poison AoE attacks.

Secondly, it will summon a structure, “Hellbinder,” which will bind you to the ground, so you must take it out at the earliest. Quick mobility will help you tackle that. Being mindful of these, you will easily defeat Vardoks in the D4 Charnel House dungeon. Then take the Feeding Pit key from him.

Destroy the corpse pile

Once you have the Feeding Pit key in hand, the last objective to clear the dungeon is to open the gate and get to the Feeding Pit, where there are piles of corpses. These piles will also be shooting out poison AoE, which must be taken care of.

Destroy all the Piles of Corpse, and it will end the Charnel House dungeon journey in Diablo 4.

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