Diablo 4 Shivta Ruins Dungeon Guide

Shivta Ruins is a dungeon in Diablo 4 that offers daring adventures for players and a valuable Codex of Power, Wind Striker Mobility ...

Shivta Ruins is a dungeon in Diablo 4 that offers daring adventures for players and a valuable Codex of Power, Wind Striker Mobility Aspect. You can access this dungeon only in the 8th Tier, on the premises of the Alcarnus Stronghold.

The power of hell corrupted a powerful Sorcerer, Shivta, living there. Monsters like Zombies, Fallen, and Goatmen roam around its corridors. The final boss of Shiva Ruins dungeon in D4 is Seething Hivemaster, and defeating him will complete this dungeon.

Shivta Ruins location in Diablo 4

You can find the Shivta Ruins in the Kehjistan region. It is in the Amber Sands Province of Kehjistan northeast of Gea Kul, the main city in Kehjistan. This one is close to the Fields of Hatred, so finding it wouldn’t be challenging. The nearest waypoint is the Altar of Ruin, and you can use it to reach the dungeon quickly. You will have to first complete the Altar of Ruin stronghold to fast travel there.

Diablo 4 Shivta Ruins dungeon walkthrough

Shivta Ruins is a pretty big Dungeon, and like other, Dungeons, the layout is randomized. But there is some pattern, so the typical layout consists of Raided Halls, Shambles of Vermin, and Deserted Corridors.

Enter the Ruin and be prepared, as you will be pushed back. Backtracking and flies will slow traversing in the Ruin, so we recommend using some ability to speed up. The Shivta Ruins Dungeon in D4 has three objectives.

Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal

You have to collect two Bloodstones and return them to pedestals. The Bloodstones’ location is available on the map so you can find it with some exploration. But you can only pick one Bloodstone at a time.

After picking the Bloodstone, you have to place them on their pedestals, where one will be on the right side of the dungeon and the other on the upper left part. You will come across the occasional small rooms where the pedestal spawns might be.

You will encounter a bunch of undead and scampering mobs in the vast spaces of the large rectangular D4 Shivta Ruins. So we recommend using Elixir of Undead Slaying for Crowd Control over the mobs.  

Travel to the Shambles of Vermin

After Placing the Bloodstones on respective pedestals, you must get to where the final boss is waiting for you. The boss will be in Shambles of Vermin, so your objective is to get there. Just follow the main path and find a doorway on the map’s top tight corner. Enter the room, and you will come across the boss.

Defeat the Seething Hivemaster in Diablo 4

The final boss of Diablo 4 Shivta Ruins is Seething Hivemaster, who resides in a collapsed vault. It is an insect-like creature and arms of a scythe shape. The boss is difficult to defeat because of its high HP.

Seething Hivemaster has melee, long-range, and multiple creature attacks. The key to winning the fight is your mobility. You also have to beware of your positioning because the final part of the fight takes place around various obstacles.

  • Scythe Slash: The fight begins with the boss Scythe’s arms at you, which must be dogged by moving away.
  • Spitballs: Then it will throw long-range projectiles, the poison balls, on you, which are aimed in a semi-circular pattern. You must keep moving to avoid the poison balls, get closer to him, or move behind and use your damaging attacks at his back. He pushes you back before throwing projectiles, so you should get ready.
  • Bug storms and swarm calls: It will summon monsters like 6 Bug Storms moving in circles and four skittering swarms which throw poison balls. You must mind these insects and deal with them immediately with crowd control abilities in Diablo 4.

In the second half of the fight, avoid AoE’s circles which slow you down and cause damage over time. If you are efficient, it will take about 10 minutes to defeat the boss.

After defeating the boss, you will get 30 renown points and a legendary aspect, the Wind Striker Mobility Aspect in Diablo 4. This aspect will grant an 8% improvement in the speed after each critical strike.

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