Diablo 4 Halls Of The Damned Dungeon Guide

Halls of the Damned is one of the many Dungeons in Diablo 4, which offers various objectives for you to complete while fighting swarms of ...

Halls of the Damned is one of the many Dungeons in Diablo 4, which offers various objectives for you to complete while fighting swarms of enemies. The dungeon is worth playing as it provides fantastic rewards, from Gold to Legendary items.

Completing a Dungeon also rewards you with a unique Aspect, which will be helpful for you to customize your character build in Diablo 4. Some dungeons require you to fight a boss at the end to complete it, and the Halls of the Damned Dungeons in D4 is one of them.

Halls of the Damned location in Diablo 4

The Halls of the Damned Dungeon is located at the ridge corner of Kehjistan’s Scouring Sand’s eastern border with the Crusaders Monument. You can use the Tarsarak waypoint to fast travel from the northeast direction to reach the Halls of the Damned dungeon.

Diablo 4 Halls of the Damned dungeon walkthrough

Halls of the Damned Dungeon takes a little more time to complete than other Dungeons. You must be equipped with good gear and weapons, as enemies will always surround you. Your encounter with scores of enemies makes this dungeon a good farming spot for Gold, gems, gears, and many legendary items.

These are the objectives of Halls of the Damned Dungeon in D4:

  • Destroy the Idol of the Overseer and the Seaborn Goddess: 2
  • Travel to the Sepulchrum
  • Activate the levers: 2
  • Activate the Monolith
  • Derfeat the Tomb Lord Boss

The most time taking part in this dungeon is destroying the idols of the Overseer and Seaborn Goddess. There will be endless waves of enemies during this objective. You will also find various varieties of enemies of different levels.


The most frequently appearing enemy will be the Wrathful Phantoms. As you progress, you will fight many Viles and Sheering Viles Overseer Elites, Fiercy Skeleton Archers, and Bloodthirsty Marauders. Just before the area of the second idol where you will fight the Grave Oppressor Elite, you can find the Cursed Chest in Diablo 4.

Opening it will give you tons of Gold, gems, and rare gear. The latter part is more accessible as you wander around to find the Sepulchrum. The show doesn’t end here; you must fight the Tomb Lord Boss after reaching the Sepulchrum to complete the dungeon.

Tomb Lord boss fight

This boss will appear in the Sepulchrum after you activate the Monolith in Diablo 4. The Tomb Lord seems like a heavily armored Knight equipped with a spear that has a wheel of spikes on top.

The Tomb Lord mainly attacks you by poking his spear at you. When he is overwhelmed by your attack, he can teleport himself at some distance. He also surfaces some spikes from the ground where you will be standing.

Defeating the Tomb Lord is not that difficult. You have to keep attacking him frequently while dodging his attacks. When you defeat the Tomb Lord in D4, your Halls of the Damned Dungeon will be completed, and you will receive the Aspect of Disobedience, which you can view in your Codex of Power. You will also receive some gold and a ring.

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