Best Ways To Farm Gold In Diablo 4

Being rich is important, even in video games. Gold is the universal currency in Diablo 4. Purchasing upgrading material, paying for ...

Being rich is important, even in video games. Gold is the universal currency in Diablo 4. Purchasing upgrading material, paying for vendors‘ services to upgrade your items, and even buying new gear all require gold.

Most importantly, as you level up in Diablo 4, the stuff will get expensive so you will need a continuous supply. Let us look at how to farm gold in Diablo 4.

How to farm Gold in Diablo 4

Gold Farming in Diablo 4 is relatively easy. However, getting your hands on it in the early game can be tedious. Let us look at how players can maximize their gold or money earning in D4.

Increasing world tier

Your World Tier directly affects what loot you get from your enemies, including gold drop. Playing at higher difficulties allows players to farm gold much more quickly.

This might not be as easy as you start the game since you won’t have the resources to defeat the stronger enemies.

Sell unwanted items

This method of earning gold in Diablo 4 is going to be how you make the bulk of your money and is the most reliable one. It is also tied to some of the other gold farming methods we have listed later in the guide.

Playing through the quests, running dungeons, doing events and other activities will get you weapons and armor you will never use. These items might be useless for your character class, or you might have something better for yourself. If so, you can sell those unwanted items to vendors and get a lot of gold in Diablo 4.

Duplicated items can be sold for high prices. The higher the rarity weapon you have, the more gold you can earn by selling them in D4.

Run through Dungeons and Cellars

The dungeons and cellars in Diablo 4 are treasure coves. These dungeons are filled with chests and laden with enemies. Defeating them will fill your pockets with gold and all the loot you can carry.

As Diablo 4 is an online game, players can replay any dungeon they like as often as they want. The chests in these dungeons and cellars can be farmed multiple times.

The best dungeon to farm in Diablo 4, whether for EXP, Gear, or Gold, are Forsaken Quarry Dungeon and Anica’s Claim dungeons. These dungeons can be played on a loop due to the layout of the dungeon, and it is long enough that everything will respawn before you can get to your starting point again.

Gamble at the Purveyor of Curiosities

Taking part in events and doing side quests will earn players a lot of Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4. Since the storage cap for Obols is quite limited (1000 if you max out all renown rewards) it is best to use them as quickly as possible. That is where the Purveyor of Curiosities comes in.

You can trade Obols at the gambling vendor to get random loot. On higher world tiers, the chance of sacred items increases which sell for a lot more than magic items. Whenever you are close to the Obols cap, spend them all at the Purveyor of Curiosities and those 1000 Obols should net you close to 300-400k gold.

Complete quests

The easiest way to get hold of a lot of gold early on is to play through the game’s quests. You will get a got amount of this currency for completing early-game main and side quests. Main quests always offer better rewards than side quests.

Early-game main quests are easy to complete without much effort making them highly worth it. 

Take part in world events

World events are pretty common appearances in the D4. Many of these events feature unique enemies and higher-quality chests for players. This always means better loot and higher payloads.

Since you always get to play these world events with other players, you can even AFK farm them and get the rewards, although the other players might not like that.

Greed shrines

Greed shrines in Diablo 4 allow players to increase the amount of gold dropped by enemies they defeat. Although the effects of the shrine are temporary, you can use them before heading to farm dungeons to increase your overall haul of the dungeon.

Explore the world

Diablo 4 has a big world. A lot of secrets are hidden here and there. Chests, dungeons, and cellars are straightforward, but players always ignore the small details, the breakable pots.

All gamers know that pots and crates in games always offer resources. Not much, but breaking a few pots with a single hit on your way to your objective is always worth it. Explore the world, and you will find that you can find gold in almost every corner of the world.

Level up

Players will get renown points as they play and go through the world. Focus on them and try to earn them as much as you can. Every time you increase your renown level, you get a hefty price of 10,000 Gold in Diablo 4.

This can be done quickly since you always get renown for completing objectives and unlocking new areas on the Diablo 4 map.

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