Diablo 4 Light’s Watch Dungeon Guide

The Light's Watch is located right beneath Kyovashad in Diablo 4. You must defeat the Den Mother here for another aspect.

In Diablo 4, the Light’s Watch is a long and windy dungeon. It gives a spine-chilling feel with its frigid atmosphere and tons of enemies as you move around.

The Light’s Watch dungeon does not have any prerequisites and you can start the dungeon anytime. So without further ado, we will now look at where the dungeon is and how to complete it in Diablo 4.

Light’s Watch location in Diablo 4

Light's Watch dungeon map location in Diablo 4

Light’s Watch is located right below Kyovashad, the town you start in after clearing the prologue of Diablo 4.

Teleport to Kyovashad if you are anywhere else and then exit the town by taking the southwestern bridge. Now, make your way south to the location marked on the map below. Light’s Watch’s entrance is nestled in the corner.

Light’s Watch completion rewards

Clearing the Light’s Watch dungeon will unlock the Aspect of Conflagration in your Codex of Power in Diablo 4.

This aspect is exclusive to the Sorcerer class. You will receive an increase in burning damage when you enchant Incinerate while having this aspect equipped. The chance of this happening to your attack is 20 to 30%.

Light’s Watch dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The Light’s Watch dungeon will have tons of Volkodlaks, Firebands, Storm wargs, Marauders, Slingers, and many other monsters for you to take down.

These will deal melee, ranged as well as lightning damage, and they will throw rotating lightning orbs that can limit free space to move around in the rooms.

Defeat the Watchmen

Your first objective after setting foot inside Light’s Watch will be to find and defeat the two Watchmen.

They will be marked on the map with a white skull. You just need to keep exploring the dungeon until you find them.

These mace-wielding elite enemies do a two-part combo attack. They will raise walls to trap you in an enclosed area and then cast lightning orbs to do lightning damage.

Your best strategy here will be to clear the room first of all other enemies before turning on the Watchman. They do not have that large a health pool, so taking them down should not be a problem.

Once you defeat both of them, you will have to deal with the Watchman Lead Sou who carries the Watchman’s Key in Light’s Watch.

Defeat him, take the key, and open the Watchman’s Gate to move to your next objective.

Move towards the Light’s War Room

When you open the gate and move along the path, you will find a large room with a Bone pile in the center.

Around the Bone pile, a lot of Prowlers and Volkodlaks will come out of the ground and start attacking you. Here you will need to destroy the Bone pile to open the path to Light’s War Room.

The Bone pile will not do anything during the fight and after using a lot of AoE attacks you can easily destroy the summoned enemies. The Bone pile will not summon more mobs too.

When the path opens, you will find many Marauders and Slingers with some Elite slingers too. There will also be prowlers and Volkodlaks here and there.

You can dodge them and look for an opened gate with a Healing well outside of it. You can move in the gate and this will lead to the Light’s War Room. The enemies which were following you will also retreat.

Defeat the Den Mother boss

When in the Light’s War room, the boss fight against the Den Mother will start. The Den Mother is a slow enemy but will dash as well as call in minions to assist her.

She has five attack patterns. Her first and basic attack is the claw swipe. She will swipe her claw one time at you when you are near her.  You can easily outrun her when she performs this attack.

Next is the charge swipe. Den Mother will charge her claw and then dash towards you and swipe her claw. You can take advantage of her charging delay and deal with a couple of attacks during that time.

In another attack, the Den Mother will charge at you like before. However, this time, she will do a three-hit attack combo that creates dark pools on the ground. You must make sure to avoid these pools because they sap your movement speed.

She will also teleport too and will come up next to you and attack you with a simple claw swipe. You can dash when she is close to you and avoid getting hit.

Finally, the Den Mother will summon five prowlers from the black pools. These will aid her in combat and distract you. Make sure to kill them first as they are not that hard to defeat.

As the fight moves on, you will find more and more black-red pools in many areas but the Den Mother’s Strategy will not change that much. When she is defeated, you will have completed the dungeon.

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