Diablo 4 Raethwind Wilds Dungeon Guide

Though the Raethwind Wilds dungeon in Diablo 4 might not be a suitable farming option, you can still make a decent one-time living out of it.

Diablo 4 is filled with challenging content for you to take on. While most of it will bring you back again and again to reattempt, some of it will be one thing. Falling in the latter category is Raethwind Wilds Dungeon in D4.

Although the dungeon itself is not flawed in any sense of the word, the effort-to-reward ratio is not worth a second attempt. If farming XP is your main reason then you should look at other dungeons in the area.

It is one of the rare instances that the Dungeon takes place in a Swampy, damp, and open forest instead of an underground room. There is going to be a lot of monster hunting so you should pack some elixir and other essentials and let’s get rolling.

Raethwind Wilds location in Diablo 4

Raethwind Wilds Dungeon is located in the Scosglen Region more specifically in the Wailing Hills subregion. The subregion is in the extreme north of Scosglen and right next to Northshore and Caen Adar.

The map location of Raethwind Wilds dungeon in Diablo 4.

Time is money so you can take the fastest route to the Raethwind Wilds Dungeon by starting at the Braestaig Waypoint and taking the path going in the southwestern direction. You will find the Dungeon near the border of the subregion.

Raethwind Wilds completion rewards

Though the Raethwind Wilds Dungeon in D4 might not be a suitable farming option, you can still make a decent one-time living out of it. As a reward for completing the Dungeon, you will receive 30 renown to spend on your wants.

On top of that, you receive a legendary aspect – ‍Offensive Aspect of Inner Calm to add to your codex of power.

It is a universal Legendary Aspect and can work with any class. You will be able to deal an additional 5-10% damage for each second you are standing. It can be a lot when you are up against a hoard of enemies.

Raethwind Wilds dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

You will be tasked with completing a total of three objectives before the dungeon can be marked as complete.

Rid Encroaching Thickets of every enemy

As soon as you step into the Dungeon, you will be greeted with tons of enemies, out for your blood. These enemies will include Tusk Chargers, Wildwoods, Bears, and Bandits. Your primary aim is to take down every single one of them and make sure there is no sign of any enemy in the Dungeon.

After you are done with small timers, it is time to throw hands with someone of our own size which means it is time to take down some Gorgonic Wildlife. These are elite monsters surrounded by minions to aid them in battle.
Once you are done with both, you can head into the next phase of the Dungeon.

Defeat the Bramble Boss

If you have completed the Twisted Hollow or Jalal’s Vigil dungeons then you must have already taken down Bramble before and this time won’t be any different. If you are new to this, then these are a couple of things you need to look out for.

Bramble heavily relies on poison attacks so you can counter it with elixirs beforehand. The best and the easiest way to take him down is by getting behind it every chance you get.

It becomes mobile when it is not attacking and as soon as it starts launching attacks, it stands at one position, giving you a chance of getting behind it and dealing as much damage as you possibly can.

Keep at it and you will take Bramble down in no time. Defeating him will mark the Dungeon as complete.

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