Diablo 4 Blind Burrows Dungeon Guide

If you are one of the players seeking to find the best party-play dungeon, Blind Burrows Dungeon in Diablo 4 is the way to go! The ...

After the nerfing of the Ruins of Eridu Dungeon, there has been much speculation among the community about the best farming places. Players want to explore dungeons that take less time but yield a ton of loot and XP. If you are one of the players seeking to find the best party-play dungeon, Blind Burrows Dungeon in Diablo 4 is the way to go!

The following guide will help you locate and clear this dungeon to get the most out of the benefits it offers.

Blind Burrows location in Diablo 4

To find the Blind Burrows in D4, you must go to the Fethis Wetlands. The exact location of this can be seen on the map above. It is located northwest of the Vyeresz Waypoint. You can teleport yourself to this waypoint and keep walking northwest on the straight path that connects Toxic Fens to Fethis Wetlands. That is where the dungeon will be present, ready to be explored.

Diablo 4 Blind Burrows dungeon walkthrough

This is a Spider-filled level 36 dungeon with loads and loads of these annoying yet easy-to-defeat creatures. Additionally, many Elites are waiting to be slain by your hands. In this way, the Blind Burrows dungeon becomes extremely good for farming in D4.

Remember that this dungeon is a late-game exploration point and best for characters around level 40. Now let’s head to the farming method for Blind Burrows dungeon.

As soon as you reach the dungeon’s premises, several windy corridors have swarms of Elites in each corner. So, in Party-play, you can go in different directions and wipe out every enemy to get a ton of XP for everyone in the group.


The abundant spiders in the area die quickly and are a great source of farming XP, especially if you are playing with a group of other players. Again, you can split up and allow everyone to get maximum XP for their characters.

In short, if boosting experience as a group is your primary goal, we recommend heading to Blind Burrows in D4 without second thoughts, as it’s the best dungeon to explore after the hotfix nerfs in the recent Patch by Blizzard. Until the final stage of this dungeon, you probably will have accumulated nearly 500k XP.


Blind Burrows dungeon has three objectives:

  • Slay the Infested Villgers: 3
  • Travel to Midnight Haven
  • Defeat the Broodguard

Due to the randomized layouts for every dungeon in Diablo 4, there is no definite information that we can provide you on where to go and complete these objectives. You simply have to complete the objectives in order and progress ahead.

In the first objective, slaying 3 Infested Villagers will be easy and take little to no time. You can find and identify each by the skull icon on your mini-map. Make sure to cleanse every corridor from spiders in your way, as they may come in swarms later and make some trouble for you.

After eliminating the villagers, you will be required to reach Midnight Haven. At this Haven’s entrance is a Healing Well where you can recover your HP. Finally, the last chamber will open, where the final boss will be waiting for you.

Before you meet the boss, you may cross paths with the Butcher. Make sure to avoid fighting this one and continue to your destination.

How to defeat the Broodguard in Diablo 4

The Broodguard is a huge-bodied spider that owns a few offensive skills. The first significant attack it does is the Web Spray attack. If this attack strikes you, you cannot move for a short period. Successfully avoiding and countering this attack will be the key to defeating this ugly boss.

When the Broodguard throws webs at you, it gets immobilized. This is your chance to get aside and land a high-damage attack on its body. Repeat the cycle a few times, and you will see the boss fall to the ground. This is how you can clear one of the most challenging dungeons in Diablo 4.

Dungeon completion reward

The Blind Burrows dungeon in D4 gets you Aspect of the Tempest for clearing it for the first time. This aspect is from the Druid legendry aspects and works well with the Hurricane ability of this class.

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