How To Get Aspect Of The Relentless Armsmaster In Diablo 4

The aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster in Diablo 4 is a Barbarian class legendary aspect that increases the fury generation.

The Aspect of Relentless Armsmaster is one of the few legendary aspects that help the Barbarian class generate more fury in Diablo 4.

When triggered, this aspect increases the rate of fury your character can generate for a few seconds. The important thing to note here is that the Aspect of Relentless Armsmaster only activates when your Walking Arsenal key passive node has triggered all of its damage bonuses.

Hence, make sure to have unlocked that key passive from the Barbarian skill tree to take advantage of this aspect.

The walking Arsenal key passive increases the damage output of any skill by up to 36% if it deals direct damage to the enemies while wielding any two-handed weapons. Fury is the main resource the Barbarian class uses to cast skills.

This is a total game changer, allowing players to cast skills much faster without worrying about the resources. The aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster can only be affixed to Rings in D4.

Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster location in Diablo 4

You can get this aspect by completing the Calibel’s Mine Dungeon. You can find this dungeon in the Northshore area of Scosglen. To reach Calibel’s Mine dungeon. Fast travel to Marowen waypoint and go Northeast to reach its entrance.

Resurrected Malice, its final boss, guards Calibel’s Mine. Players need to defeat this Lilith‘s minion to get their hands on Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster as a reward.

Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster builds in Diablo 4

Due to its strong affiliation with a specific class and critical passive, you can only use it in barbarian builds. Any build favoring Fury generation over other gameplay mechanics is bound to use this fantastic aspect in Diablo 4.

Our two favorite builds complimenting this legendary aspect are the Rend Barbarian build and Death Blow Barbarian build. Both builds focus on massive damage output while constantly rotating their skills without interruption.

This is only possible with other passives that cooldown primary active skills and Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster in D4, which generates Fury non-stop to cast the skills.

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