How To Get Needleflare Aspect In Diablo 4

The Needleflare Aspect in Diablo 4 will allow you return damage every time you take it from enemies. Here's how to get it.

Needleflare is an offensive type of legendary aspect in Diablo 4 that can be used by all classes. It is a Codex of Power and when you use this aspect, you will get a chance to deal damage to enemies around you through Thorns.

Many skills for different classes and even gear provide Thorns so this Aspect can work well in tandem with them. Here is how you can get it.

Needleflare Aspect location in Diablo 4

needleflare aspect diablo 4 location

The Needleflare aspect is located in the western part of Sanctuary in the Kehjistan region. In this region, you can find the aspect as a reward when the Yshari Sanctum Dungeon is completed. This dungeon is located in the northern section of Caldeum sub-region.  

The Yshari Sanctum Dungeon can be located by using the Imperial Library waypoint and then moving east a few steps. This dungeon can be unlocked by progressing the campaign in the Kehjistan section. If you haven’t found this waypoint, you can use the Denshar Waypoint or Tarsarak Waypoint and then move toward the dungeon. In the Caldeum region, you will find 4 dungeons and a stronghold nearby. The dungeons in Caldeum are Crusaders’ Cathedral Dungeon, Prison of Caldeum Dungeon, Renegade’s Retreat Dungeon and Deserted Underpass Dungeon

The stronghold is the Omath’s Redoubt stronghold which is to the south of the area and it also has a dungeon known as the Crumbling Hekma Dungeon

When you enter Yshari Sanctum Dungeon, the first objective will be to clear out the area in the Occult Forums. These will be marked by a red dot on the mini-map. There will be many enemies such as Burning Dead, Mother’s Chosen, and Mother’s Herald.  


After clearing out the area. You will have to go to Hell’s Annex area. Before you get there, you will be ambushed by a small group with an elite and some Burning Deads. T

In Hell’s Annex, you will need to find and defeat Emerus and collect the key of Yshari. This key will open the door to the boss battle. When defeated, he will drop the key which you can collect and unlock the door to the boss’s lair. 

The boss in this dungeon is the Mother’s Judgement. When you have defeated her, the dungeon will be completed and you will receive the Needleflare aspect. 

Needleflare Aspect builds in Diablo 4 

The Needleflare aspect is a powerful aspect that provides more power to the Thorns ability. It’ll allow you to return damage when you take damage from enemies. It is most suitable for builds that can take a beating without dying too easily. There are only two builds that can use this aspect to its fullest extent. One is the Thorns Trapper build for the rogue and the other is the Barbarian Thorns build. 

The Thorns Trapper build is an endgame build for the Rogue class. This build utilizes the Flurry skill to deal the majority of damage. The Thorns are there to deal damage to foes that hit you back.

The next build is the Barbarian Thorns build. The attacks are mainly done using the Whirlwind skill. The Thorns ability deals damage to enemies when they hit you.

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