Diablo 4 Light’s Refuge Dungeon Guide

Light's Refuge is another Hawezar region dungeon in Diablo 4 with many Knights and Wild Life to tackle. This is not a good dungeon for ...

Light’s Refuge is another Hawezar region dungeon in Diablo 4 with many Knights and Wild Life to tackle. This is not a good dungeon for farming because it is medium size and takes a lot of time. Knight Council is the biggest challenge you will face at the end of this dungeon in D4.

Knight Council is three bosses you must defeat together to complete the Light’s Refuge dungeon.

Light’s Refuge location in Diablo 4

This dungeon is present in the Dismal Foothills subregion of the Hawezar Region. The nearest waypoint to this dungeon is the Wejinhani Waypoint in Hawezar. You can fast-travel there and head north or fast-travel to the Nevesk Waypoint in Fractured Peaks and travel south until you reach this dungeon. But the path from Nevesk is quite a long one.

Diablo 4 Light’s Refuge dungeon walkthrough

Light’s Refuge is a medium size dungeon. It isn’t too large or small but still packed with knight enemies. This dungeon isn’t too recommendable for farming due to the time it takes to clear this dungeon. However, you should farm this dungeon if your build has what it takes.

The objectives for clearing this dungeon are as follows:

  • Return the two Mechanical Boxes to their pedestals.
  • Kill the Fiend Handler Clark to obtain his Handler Key, which opens up the next area.
  • Defeat the Knight Council.

The mechanical boxes can be hard to find as they spawn in random locations all over the Light’s Refuge dungeon in D4. Explore the dungeon part by part, slaying enemies as you go. After returning the mechanical boxes, a door opens to you, revealing the next segment of the dungeon.

You must locate and defeat the Fiend Handler Clark in this next area. He will drop the Handler key. You can use this key to open the final door in Light’s Refuge to fight the boss in Diablo 4.

Defeat the Knight Council

The Knight Council comprises three Elites; Lord Commander, Devoted Champion, and the Grand Inquisitor. To defeat Knight Council in D4, you need to understand their skill set. Their skill set isn’t too hard to recognize, and you can trounce them quickly.

The legendary Aspect of Bul-Kathos will unlock when you clear the Light’s Refuge dungeon. According to the Codex of Power, this Aspect is given to the Barbarian Class. It is an offensive Aspect used to induce an earthquake.

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