Diablo 4 Defiled Catacombs Dungeon Guide

The Defiled Catacombs is one of the many dungeons in Diablo 4 through which you can get a defensive aspect for the barbarian. Here's how!

Defiled Catacombs is a dungeon filled with traps in Diablo 4. Many players find it annoying to complete as the boss has a lot of AOE attacks.

You may want to clear it if you’re playing the Barbarian class since it offers a very useful Aspect for it as a reward. But other than that, it doesn’t have many redeeming qualities.

It’s recommended to reach level 14 or above before entering this dungeon. Here is how you can find the Defiled Catacombs in D4 and clear them.

Defiled Catacombs location in Diablo 4 

The Defiled Catacombs dungeon is located on the southern edge of the Desolate Highlands sub-region of Fractured Peaks. You can reach its entrance by traveling west from Boulder Ridge. Alternatively, you can take the road east from Nevesk. 

The map location of Defiled Catacombs and how to get there in Diablo 4.

The fastest way to reach the Defiled Catacombs Dungeon is from the Nevesk Waypoint. Note that there are three dungeons equidistant from this Waypoint, but you need to take the path leading southeast from it.

Along this route, it’s only a small trek until you reach said dungeon. You’ll know when you reach a large entrance with stairs leading up to it and a tangerine light emitting from within.


Defiled Catacombs completion rewards 

Completing this dungeon grants the following reward: 

  • +30 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • The Aspect of Tempering Blows: Gain the Fortify status effect if you swap your weapon 6 times. The strength of this effect is randomized and only works for the Barbarian Class.  

How to complete Defiled Catacombs in Diablo 4 

Slay all enemies in Dead Harkening 

Your first objective it’s to clear the starting area of the dungeon. The enemies that you encounter in this area mainly consist of spiders along with some skeletons.

This task might sound straightforward but there’s a catch; this dungeon is littered with spike traps. They will damage you and also hinder your movement. Make sure to watch your steps while fighting. 

Destroy 4 Skeletal Constructs 

Upon defeating all the enemies in the Dead Harkening, you will be instructed to go just up ahead into the Spiral Crypts. Here, you will be tasked with destroying 4 Skeletal Constructs.

Skeletal Constructs appear to be giant heaps of bones that have been fused together. You need to destroy four of these to proceed further.

Their location is marked by a white diamond on your map. They have a decent amount of health and can cast bone walls around them for protection.

There will also be a fair number of skeletons guarding them. Clear them out first to make your job easier. Take out the ranged enemies first for smooth progression. 

Slay the Gate Keeper and collect the Catacomb key

Your next destination is blocked by a door that needs a key. The key can be found on the Gate Keeper who is an elite enemy. He can be easily killed if you take care of his minions first.

Aside from his minions, he doesn’t have much in his arsenal. Although his HP may be considerable, the rest of his attacks are fairly slow, which helps you defeat him easily.

You can easily find him by reaching the Skull mark on your map. On death, he drops the Catacomb key that can open the boss room. Use the marker on the minimap as a guide to find the location of the Catacomb Door. 

Defeat the Broodguard boss

Broodguard is the final boss for this dungeon. It is a large spider that will poison you, web you to immobilize you, and summon minions.

You can avoid most of its attacks by evading and dodging, but the real headache is its summons. It calls upon Spider Hosts to help it in battle.

These spider hosts will break apart into smaller spiders. These will die quickly but will rush you and will drain your health quickly in their numbers.

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