Diablo 4 Sirocco Caverns Dungeon Guide

One of the many dungeons in Diablo 4 is Sirocco Caverns. This dungeon will reward players with the Legendary Aspect of Echoing Fury in D4 ...

Diablo 4 has a variety of dungeons to choose from. The dungeons are packed with enemies ranging from normal to Elites to Bosses. Clearing out dungeons in Diablo 4 is a crucial part of the game because upon clearing them, you get rewarded by Aspects which can be used in your build to give better performances. One such dungeon in Diablo 4 is Sirocco Caverns.

This dungeon will reward players with the Legendary Aspect of Echoing Fury in D4. Our guide will provide you with a complete walkthrough of this dungeon.

Sirocco Caverns location in Diablo 4

You can find Sirocco Caverns Dungeon in Kehjistan, near the Seared Basin.

The nearest waypoint to this dungeon is the Jirandai Waypoint in Dry Steppes. Once you fast-travel to this waypoint, travel southeast until you reach this dungeon’s entrance.

Diablo 4 Sirocco Caverns walkthrough

Unlike most dungeons in the game, you will not encounter a boss here. This dungeon only requires you to complete two objectives:

  • Destroy 3 Silken Spires
  • Defeat 2 Spider Callers

This dungeon is only allowed to the Barbarian Class. A quick side note; this dungeon is not for the ones with a weak stomach.


Sirocco Caverns dungeon in D4 is crawling with Creepy Crawlies from start to finish. You can expect all sorts of creatures, such as Plague Maggots, Arachnid Horrors, Plagued Creepers, etc. Nasty Elites such as the Oppressors, Hellcaller Fallens, and Wretched Arachnid Horrors can be encountered here.

First, when you enter the dungeon, you are welcomed by numerous enemies. Make sure you have Poison Resistance abilities, as all of the enemies spew poison attacks. The Barbarian class has a range of poison resistance skills, so make sure you’re well-equipped for the fights. When you enter the dungeon in Diablo 4, the first objective you will face will be to destroy 3 Silken Spires.

A Silken Spire is a pile of rocks that eventually shoots poison projectiles toward you. These three will come along the paths you explore. The dungeon is vast and packed with enemies, so it’s better to explore and defeat them all to preserve the essence of the game.

After you destroy them, you must explore other areas of the Sirocco Caverns dungeon in D4. Your second objective is to kill 2 Spider Callers. Elites and many other smaller enemies will heavily guard these Spider Callers, so be mentally and resourcefully prepared.

This dungeon in D4 will complete as you complete the two objectives mentioned above.

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