Diablo 4 Maulwood Dungeon Guide

To reach the Maulwood dungeon in Diablo 4, all you have to do is teleport to Kyovashad and make your way south.

In Diablo 4, the Maulwood Dungeon is set in a winter forest surrounded by trees and hills on either side. You will find many elite as well as normal mobs roaming around. This dungeon is also one of the few dungeons which does not have a final boss.

You will however need to complete all the objectives in order to complete the dungeon. We will now see how to find and complete the Maulwood Dungeon in Diablo 4.

Maulwood location in Diablo 4

Maulwood dungeon map location in Diablo 4

To reach the Maulwood dungeon in Diablo 4, all you have to do is teleport to Kyovashad and make your way south. Maulwood is directly beneath the town you start in. You will also come across Light’s Watch (another dungeon) along the way.

Maulwood Dungeon completion rewards

When the Maulwood dungeon is completed, you will be rewarded with random loot, gold, experience, and the Slaking Aspect.

The Slaking Aspect can only be used on a ring and is specific to the Barbarian class. You will get 20 fury when your Rend skill deals direct damage to a bleeding foe. This effect has a chance of 30 to 50%.

Maulwood dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The Maulwood Dungeon has many enemies but it has no end boss. This means that the final mobs will act as the final boss battle.

The Maulwood Dungeon has Wood Wraiths, Wraiths and Wargs. These are scattered everywhere you look and you will encounter a lot of them.

Defeat the Bandit Sentries

In the Maulwood Dungeon, you will have to find and kill 3 Bandit Sentries. The Bandit Senetries can be found by looking for the skull icon on your map as you roam around the dungeon.

The Bandit Sentries will make barricades around you and also send out pentagrams on the ground which deal AoE damage.

They will send out lightning orbs with a rotating bolt of lightning which deals damage. When you kill the Bandit Sentries, they will send out a shockwave and shoot fire balls in three different directions.

The Bandit sentries are also guarded by many Wargs and Wood Wraiths but they are melee based with not too much health to be a problem.

Locate the Skeletal Rise

When all three of the Bandit Sentries are killed, you will be given your next objective and that is to move towards the Skeletal Rise.

On your way to the Skeletal Rise, you will find many mobs which will swam you so keep AoE spells handy.

As you move towards the Skeletal Rise, you will enter a courtyard with the front path blocked by a barrier.

You can remove the barrier by interacting with the levers but you will be ambushed by many enemies. Thankfully, they can be defeated easily using AoE attacks.

There will also be spikes that will charge up and then come out of the ground. These spikes will be around the levers and you will need to time the interaction with the levers to not get damaged. When the levers are actuated, the barrier will be removed.

Destroy the Skeletal Constructs

Now when the barrier is removed, you will enter the Skeletal Rise and you will be tasked to destroy the Skeletal Constructs.

These are big and spiky structures made out of bones. The Constructs will also summon a ton of skeletons when you approach them.

During the start of the combat, souls will start to move into the construct and later send out 4 souls which will circle around and deal heavy damage.

The Skeletal Constructs are near to each other so finishing the last objective will not be that time-consuming.

Keep AoE with you so that you can easily deal with the skeletons as well as the elite and regular enemies guarding them. When all the constructs are destroyed, the dungeon will be completed.

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