Diablo 4 Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon Guide

The Vault of the Forsaken in Diablo 4 is a dark and sea-themed dungeon with Drowned and sailor type enemies. Here is how to find and clear it!

Vault of the Forsaken, in Diablo 4, is a dungeon with a wet and ominous aesthetics to it. This dungeon has many Wretches, Shambling Corpses, Deckhands, Plague Maggots, and other enemies

This can be an annoying dungeon to complete considering its layout and the nature of the objectives. It is not advisable to use this dungeon for farming purposes.

You will get the Requiem Resource Aspect for the Necromancer class when you complete this dungeon. It is not a completely terrible Aspect, but better options certainly exist.

Here is how you can find the Vault of the Forsaken in D4 and how you can clear it.

Vault of the Forsaken location in Diablo 4

The Vault of the Forsaken is located in the Scosglen region. This dungeon is toward the eastern part of the Wailing Hills sub-region.

The nearest waypoint is in the Braestaig area. Start from there and then head toward the northeast.


On the intersection take a right and then a left into the Bronagh Expanse. From here, move northeast towards the end of the Expanse. You will pass near another dungeon called Penitent Cairns on the way.

Vault of the Forsaken completion rewards 

You will be rewarded with 30 Renown for the Scosglen region and a legendary aspect called the Requiem Resource Aspect. You will also get random loot of rare and legendary tier items, experience, and gold.

The Requiem Aspect can only be used by the Necromancer class. This aspect will increase the maximum essence of the player per each active minion. But there’s a chance that Vault of the Forsaken in Diablo 4 will earn you some good loot so it’s still worth it to do.

Vault of the Forsaken dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4 

The Vault of the Forsaken Dungeon in D4 has many smaller enemies which will ambush you. These will usually be in groups and can be a problem to deal with.

The first area you’ll see is the Shipwreck Respite. Here, you will get your first objective which is to defeat all the enemies in the area. 

Clear the Shipwreck Respite

The Shipwreck Respite area will have normal, minion, and elite enemies. The Elite enemies will consist of variants of the Quartermasters and First Mates. These elites will be surrounded by Shambling Corpses, Deckhands, Wretches, and Plague Maggots. 

These enemies are all melee based and will likely come up to you to damage you. Ranged builds can take them out from a distance. While melee builds will need to use some defensive abilities to avoid being overwhelmed. 

After killing enough enemies, your objective will have a counter on it which will show how many enemies are left. When all enemies are taken care of, proceed ahead to the Sailors’ Demise area in the Vault of the Forsaken in Diablo 4. 

Reach the Sailors’ Demise 

The Sailors’ Demise can be located by going through the arch now opened. This arch will lead to a room that will be blocked by a magical wall.

You will be ambushed by Tidewalkers and First Mates in this room. The floor will also push out spikes which can deal heavy damage.

Take out the enemies and then activate the two levers in the room. This will open the way forward to the Sailors’ Demise.

Find the Chamber key to open the door  

As you traverse through the Sailor’s Demise, you will come across a locked door. You will find the boss for this dungeon behind this door. You will need the Chamber Key to open it which can be found on the Captain Marauder elite enemy.

Explore the dungeon until you see a skull icon on the minimap. That’s Captain Murader who will be accompanied by many smaller enemies.

The First and Second Mates are especially pesky to deal with. The First Mate sends out poison pools around him. While the Second Mate has fiery powers and throws balls of fire in the air which fall with an AoE.

Finally, Captain Murader will have Ice powers. He has the most health compared to the other two and will smash his club onto the ground which will send out a shockwave.

Defeat all three and the Captain will drop the chamber key. Take it back to the boss door and open it and you will access the final boss.

Defeat the Drowned Seahag 

As you enter, you will spot the Drowned Seahag which is the boss of this dungeon. She is a large, slimy, humanoid creature. You’ll also find her in the Ghoa Ruins and the Mariner’s Refuge as the final boss.  

The Drowned Seahag has a few tricks you will need to look out for. She will swing the club around her as her basic attack.

Next, she will throw out three geysers that have an area of effect around them. She will spawn Wretches and then send out a shout that drives them into a frenzy.

The good news is that she is mostly a stationary creature and will not move much. Meaning, you can be mobile during the fight.

Other than that, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the geysers and the wretches. Once she’s down, the Vault of the Forsaken dungeon in Diablo 4 will be complete.

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