Diablo 4 Caldera Gate Dungeon Guide

Caldera Gate is one of the easier dungeons to clear in Diablo 4. There are bosses in here to fight, only tons of enemies.

Caldera Gate is one of the few dungeons you will encounter (and can) complete easily in your first few hours of progression in Diablo 4.

This dungeon lies in Fractured Peaks and is pretty close to Kyovashad. It has no bosses to defeat. Your main goal is going to be clearing out all enemies inside the dungeon, which is a sure way of gaining a level or two on your character.

Caldera Gate location in Diablo 4

The map location of Caldera Gate and how to get there in Diablo 4.

The location of the Caldera Gate dungeon is close to your starting town of Kyovashad in Diablo 4. When ready, teleport to Kyovashad and make your way northwest past Sarkova Pass.

There is also a waypoint to unlock in Sarkova Pass which is the closest teleportation point to Caldera Gate, but this obviously means that you have already unlocked it.

Therefore, the path due west from the Sarkova Pass is the best path to take to reach the Caldera Gate Dungeon quickly. However, note that you will first have to go a bit south into the Pallid Glade region first before you can make your way to the Dungeon.

Caldera Gate completion rewards

Once you manage to kill all the enemies inside the Caldera Gate Dungeon and defeat the Herald of the Dead in Diablo 4, the dungeon will be cleared. This way you will end up receiving +30 Renown points along with unlocking a particular aspect as well in Diablo 4.


That aspect will be known as the Eluding Aspect. This legendary aspect will prove to be very resourceful for you because when you become injured during your fight the CC will grant you Unstoppable for a short period in Diablo 4.

How to complete Caldera Gate in Diablo 4

The Caldera Gate Dungeon offers its fair share of challenges in the form of hordes of shamans, monsters, elite demons, etc.

These monsters pose their own challenges and damage capabilities, especially the Craver (Minion) and Shaman Stavecrafter Maliak (Elite) who are quite frustrating to deal with as well.

However, it is vital that once you enter this dungeon you should bring along an elixir as well to deal with the cold damage in Diablo 4. A good example of that would be to bring the Cold Resistance Elixir.

You also need to watch out for the traps present in the Caldera Gate Dungeon, as these will end up triggering elite enemies which can be frustrating to deal with as their attack can carry quite a punch in Diablo 4.  

Destroy the three Fallen Idols

Your first objective will be to find and destroy three Fallen Idols. These structures shoot fireballs that can do a lot of damage.

The thing to note here is that Fallen Idols attack in two directions at the same time before changing directions with their next attack. If you are standing too close to them, you might get hit by both fireballs for double the damage.

Each Fallen Idol is going to be guarded by a lot of enemies, including elite monsters. The best strategy here is to first clear the room and then focus on the Idol.

If you have a good AOE build, you can also gather all enemies near the Idol to take out everyone and everything all at once.

The quest markers will lead you toward the location of the Fallen Idols. The first one is located not far along the path leading right from the first fork.

From the first one, all you have to do is take a short walk down the path leading north to find the seconds Fallen Idol.

To reach the third Fallen Idol, take the path leading west from the second Idol and then take the north upon reaching the fork. The Idol will be just up ahead. 

Travel to the Stilled Tunnels

Your next task will be to journey to the Stilled Tunnels, but before reaching that place you will need to activate the two levers present in the Caldera Dungeon in Diablo 4.

So if you take the path that leads to the southwestern side of the dungeon you will come across a large opening space which will have four Ancient Totems.

You can destroy these and kill the enemies present there. Then you can proceed with interacting with the levers to activate them in Diablo 4.

Once both the levers are activated you can move onwards and then climb down from the ledge to travel to the stilled Tunnels in Diablo 4.

Reaching this place is fairly easy as once you climb down you will basically enter the Stilled Tunnels in Diablo 4.

Slay all enemies in the Stilled Tunnels

So your next step would be to clear out all the enemies inside the Stilled Tunnels in Diablo 4. These will include:

  • Bone Warrior
  • Craver
  • Bone Warrior Archer
  • Bone Warrior Captain
  • Craver Overseer
  • Craver (Minion)
  • GraveCraver Overseer (Elite)
  • Shaman Stavecrafter Maliak (Elite)
  • Mirroring Craver Shaman (Elite)

Watch the meter on the right side of your screen. It will keep filling up as you kill more and more enemies. Once it is full, an elite mini-boss (sort of) will spawn and you can end it as well to complete Caldera Gate in Diablo 4.

Defeat the Herald of the Dead

Upon completing all of the previous objectives, it’s time to move on to the final part – defeating the dungeon boss. The boss in question is the Herald of the Dead.

Though this is considered to be a boss, it really is quite easy to defeat. All you need are a couple of fast-paced attacks combined with a little bit of Dazed to take it down.

The boss itself has a relatively low amount of HP and a slow attack speed, which is all the more reason why it’s so easy to defeat.

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