How To Get Aspect Of Efficiency In Diablo 4

The main purpose of the Aspect of Efficiency is to give you efficiency and diversity with your basic and core skills in Diablo 4.

The Aspect of Efficiency is an outstanding Legendary Aspect that’s meant to be used exclusively with the Sorcerer Class, offering a lot of flexibility between your skills.

Out of all the Legendary Aspects out there, this is perhaps one of the best Sorcerer Aspects because it allows you to monitor your character’s Mana sufficiently, being a Resource Aspect.

The Aspect of Efficiency allows you to cast a Core skill subsequent to a Basic Skill at a reduced Mana cost. Just like that, you are now more free to switch between your Basic and Core Skills.

This will not only diversify your overall playstyle but will give your overall battle performance a major boost. Hence, it can be used with pretty much any Sorcerer build out there.

Making the right build requires a selected set of skills. To use those skills in the first place, remember to collect all the important ones like Arc Lash or Fire Bolt from the Sorcerer Skill Tree.

Aspect of Efficiency Location in Diablo 4

Where to find the Aspect Of Efficiency in Diablo 4

To unlock the Aspect of Efficiency and add it to your Codex of Power, all you have to do is clear out the Domhainne Tunnels dungeon in Diablo 4. The dungeon is located in the Strand subregion of Scolsgen.


You can also find an Altar of Lilith here and another dungeon called the Luban’s Rest. The closest waypoint to this dungeon is the Corbach Waypoint, located in the center of Strand.

To reach the Domhainne Tunnels, you can simply start from the Corbach Waypoint and head directly east from it until you arrive at the dungeon’s entrance.

This is where the Goatmen and a few elites reside. Completing the dungeon is easy. All you have to do is free a couple of prisoners, find a stone carving, and defeat the boss – Khazra Abomination – at the end.

Aspect of Efficiency builds in Diablo 4

The main purpose of the Aspect of Efficiency is to give you a little bit of efficiency and diversity with your basic and core skills. This particular effect may prove to be universal, as it has the potential to fit into any of the Sorcerer builds in Diablo 4.

The Chain Lightning Sorcerer build in particular though, may benefit most from the Aspect of Efficiency’s boosts. The Chain Lightening Sorcerer build is a fluid build that focuses on both the offensive and the defensive side of combat.

Its aim is to increase your overall Damage Per Second primarily with the help of elemental damage. Therefore, skills that inflict elemental damage like Shock, Fire, and Ice are of paramount importance.

These include skills like Greater Chain Lightning, Elemental Dominance, Unstable Currents, Vyr’s Mastery, etc. Hence, by being greatly dependent on skill as your main damage source – including both Basic and Core – the Aspect of Efficiency proves itself more than worthy to be part of the build.

This Aspect will also help other areas of our build in regenerating Mana with the now reduced Mana cost. We already have skills like Devastation and Fiery Surge, but the Aspect in question makes it even easier to handle your Mana.

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