Diablo 4 Khazra Abomination Boss Guide

The Khazra Abomination is one of the few lower health bosses in Diablo 4. He has wide range AOE attacks but can go down quickly. This is how!

The Khazra Abomination is a dungeon boss that can show up in multiple locations in Diablo 4. It is a dangerous beast and has a few tricks up its sleeves which will test your mettle.

The Khazra Abomination can be defeated easily though if you know how to evade the attacks he throws at you. It also has a lot of health adding to your worries.

We will now see how you can defeat the Khazra Abomination in D4. 

Where to find Khazra Abomination in Diablo 4

As discussed earlier, the Khazra Abomination is the final boss of multiple dungeons. It can be found in the Champion’s Demise, Komdor Temple, Hoarfrost Demise, and Broken Bulwark

Champion’s Demise

diablo 4 champion's demise

Chmapion’s Demise is one of the locations you can find Khazra Abomination in D4. You can get there by proceeding East from the Temple of Rot. Alternatively, you can go Northeast from Caldeum to get to the Champion’s Demise.

Komdor Temple

komdor temple and khazra abomination location in Diablo 4

Komdor Temple is found in the Kehjistan region on the Scarred Coast. It is East of the Fields of Hatred. You can also get here by going Northwest from Caldeum.


Hoarfrost Demise

diablo 4 hoarfrost demise map location

You will find the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon in the Fractured Peaks region. It is located close to Kor Valar toward the West. You can get there by going North from Malnok.

Broken Bulwark

The Broken Bulwark can be found close to the border between Scosglen and Kehjistan. You can get there by proceeding West from Kor Dragan. Alternatively, you can get here by going North from Nostrava.

How to defeat Khazra Abomination in Diablo 4 

The Khazra Abomination is a simple boss and the fight can be quite predictable. But the moves it executes take up the entire battlefield.

The Khazra Abomination in D4 has three attacks. First is the charged attack. He will sometimes use this attack and dash toward you. This attack will deal heavy damage if you get hit. 

Next, he throws poison balls on the ground which make a poison pool. He’ll start by throwing one ball but as his health decreases, the number of poison balls increases. Khazra Abomination will swing his arm which will deal melee damage in a wide arc.

The last attack he performs is the poison slam. He will charge up his arm and slams it on the ground and creates a poison pool around it.

Ranged classes won’t have much problem with the Khazra Abomination but melee classes will struggle, such as the Barbarian. You’ll need to be quick on your feet, not be greedy, and be prepared to dodge when you see an attack coming.

Khazra Abomination rewards and loot 

You will receive gold and experience as well as a Rare gear item and a Magic gear item for killing this boss.

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