Diablo 4 Lost Archives Dungeon Guide

If you are leveling up a melee character, considering completing the Lost Archives dungeon in Diablo 4 for its Aspect of the Protector.

The Lost Archives Dungeon in Diablo 4 is a long and annoying dungeon to clear. This is because there will be exploding mobs which will deal a lot of damage as well as skeletons and Wraiths which will overwhelm you.

You don’t need to complete any quest to start the Lost Archives Dungeon and you can start when you find it. Read on to find out where the Lost Archives Dungeon is and how to complete it in Diablo 4.

Lost Archives location in Diablo 4

Lost Archives dungeon location in Diablo 4

The Lost Archives dungeon is located southwest of Kyovashad and the Desolate Highlands in Diablo 4. There are two ways to reach this dungeon.

You can, firstly, teleport to Kyovashad and make your way from there to the location marked on the map above.

Secondly, there are two waypoints close the Lost Archives. There is one in Nostrava above and the second one is Nevesk in the center of the Desolate Highlands. If you have unlocked any of these two waypoints, your travel time will be cut down by half.

Lost Archives completion rewards

Clearing the Lost Archives will unlock the Aspect of the Protector in your Codex of Power in Diablo 4. This is a non-exclusive legendary aspect, meaning that it can be used by any class in the game.


The Aspect of the Protector grants you a protective shield to absorb all incoming damage for a few seconds. This shield (or barrier) can only be triggered once in 30 minutes by damaging an elite enemy.

Lost Archives dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The Lost Archives dungeon is filled to the brim with skeletons as well as Carver Lunatics which explode with an area of effect damage around them.

Defeat the Demonic Vangaurds

The Lost Archives dungeon has 2 Demonic Vangaurds and they both will be heavily guarded by a lot of skeletons and lunatics around it. There will also be some Carver Shamans too which will deal damage from a distance.

The Demonic Vangaurds only slam their giant sword onto the ground but they take a lot of time to charge and then attack which you can use to land a couple of hits before evading the attack.

If you are looking for the Vanguards but can’t find them, you can use your minimap and move through the rooms and corridors and look for a white skull.

This white skull will be of the Vanguards. When both the Vanguards are defeated, the Gate to the Axial Chamber will be opened.

Return the Mechanical Boxes to the Pedestal

When you arrive in the Axial Chamber, you will find two levers on the ground on opposite ends of the Necromancers Coffin. You will need to find and place a mechanical box in each of the levers to proceed.

The mechanical box can be found in the rooms to the left and right of the coffin. There will be Carvers and Phantoms in these rooms and the mechanical boxes are at the ends of them. You can even find them using the map too.

When you found the mechanical boxes, bring them back to the levers. This will open the coffin and the boss battle will start. The boss of this dungeon is the Spiritcaller of Frost.

Defeat the Spiritcaller of Frost boss

The Spiritcaller of Frost is also found in many other dungeons too. It has slow mobility and generally deals ranged damage using its staff. The Spiritcaller has four main attack patterns which you need to look for.

The basic attack that the Spiritcaller uses is that it charges and then throws three spears toward you. These spears fan out and move in a straight line. The Spiritcaller will always spam this attack.

Next is that the Spiritcaller will summon Carver and Carver Overseers and these will protect the Spiritcaller and aid in combat. You will need to deal with them because the Spiritcaller will summon more as time goes on.

Finally, the Spiritcaller will use the fallen enemies and explode the ones closest to you. They will explode with an icy storm. The AoE of the explosion is also quite big. When the Spiritcaller is destroyed, you will complete the dungeon.

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