Diablo 4 Oldstones Dungeon Guide

The Oldstones dungeon is one of the most important dungeons to clear in Diablo 4. This is because of its legendary aspect.

Oldstones features a spacious dungeon layout in Diablo 4, allowing you to move around freely to dodge the horde of goatmen and beasts waiting for you inside.

Note that the Oldstones dungeon is one of the most important dungeons to clear in D4. This is because it gives you the best damage legendary aspect in the game. You are going to be running this a lot in the end-game to get nightmare sigils as well.

Oldstones dungeon location in Diablo 4

The Oldstones dungeon is located in the south part of the Scosglen region in Diablo 4. You need to reach The Downs area by moving east from the Firebreak Manor or west from the Highland Wilds.

Oldstones dungeon location in Diablo 4

You should fast-travel to the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint and move west to reach the Oldstones dungeon. You must go through some objectives to complete the dungeon and earn rewards.

Oldstones completion rewards

The completion of Oldstones dungeon rewards you with +30 Renown and Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect. This aspect is crucial as it can be used with any class and helps the players inflict 10-20 % increased damage using the primary resources.

Oldstones dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Oldstones has three fairly simple objectives to clear in Diablo 4. It begins with finding a Stone Carving to open the door and ends with facing a boss.


Bring the Stone Carving

After entering the Oldstones dungeon, your first objective is to explore the area and find the stone carving in Diablo 4. You can even ignore the monsters during the exploration, but it all depends on how you want to complete the task.

Once you get the stone carving, return to the Pedestal and place it there. Now you can move toward the next objective.

Collect Animus from Animus Carriers

The next objective asks you to find monsters and kill them to gain Animus. For this task, you might have to explore different parts of the dungeon and fight off several monsters.

The elite monsters will drop the Animus you need to deposit to the Urn. This will unlock the room where you will face your last obstacle in the dungeon.

Defeat the Khazra Abomination boss

You need to defeat Khazra Abomination to clear the Oldstones dungeon in Diablo 4. The boss loves fighting in a melee range and throws AOE attacks.

You must dodge incoming attacks and frequently reposition yourself during combat. You can end the fight by spamming your high-damaging attacks and being cautious.

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