Here at SegmentNext, we like to call ourselves the Gamer’s Resource. That’s because when we envisioned making this website, we never thought about anything but the gamers who would be reading it. Since we’re all core gamers, we felt left out by all the large gaming websites that didn’t cater to our needs, and we set out with a dream to create a site that gives gamers the news and editorial experience they both want and need.

We had small beginnings, but because of our amazing audience, we managed to grow to where we’re now. Without any of our readers, we would never have gotten anywhere, and we’re proud to think that we have created a resource for gamers that does pander to their desires.

SegmentNext has been going since January 2009, and now just a couple of years down the line, we’ve grown exponentially as both a website and a company.

So that’s us! SegmentNext, the Gamer’s Resource. We strive to be the website where all gamers can find the latest news or read our previews and reviews. We work harder daily to ensure we live up to our title.

About Aksile Media
Aksile Media is a web publishing company behind SegmentNext. You can reach us at +92-0423-5912950 or visit us during working hours at 4H1, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.