Diablo 4 Jalal’s Vigil Dungeon Guide

Completing the Jalal's Vigil dungeon gets Rogues the powerful Bladedancer's Aspect in Diablo 4. This is a must-have for Twisting Blade Rogues.

The Jalal’s Vigil dungeon is a perfect place to farm some XP in Diablo 4. The dungeon offers some valuable resources and can be completed in a short period, making it an excellent place. However, you are going to encounter Werewolves while exploring the area.

The monsters can drain your health in an instant, so you need to play smart while going through the dungeon. You will get a legendary aspect at the end of the dungeon, so knowing the location of Jalal’s Vigil dungeon in D4 is crucial.

Jalal’s Vigil location in Diablo 4

You need to reach the Shrouded Moors area of the Scosglen region to find Jalal’s Vigil dungeon in Diablo 4.

The site of the dungeon is found between the Moordaine Lodge and Highland Wilds. However, you can make use of the waypoint found south of the dungeon to reach your target.

The map location and best route to the Jalal's Vigil dungeon in Diablo 4.

The best possible route to take for the Jalal’s Vigil dungeon would be through the Tirmair waypoint. You need to head north from the waypoint and cross the Untamed Thicket dungeon area.

Make your way toward the northmost part of the Shrouded Moors to find the dungeon and grab your rewards in D4.


Jalal’s Vigil completion rewards

Similar to other dungeons, completing Jalal’s Vigil for the first time gets you +30 Renown to add up to your Scosglen regional progression.

That and you unlock the powerful Bladedancer’s Aspect in your Codex of Power. This can only be used by the Rogue class.

With this aspect, you can deal bonus damage with your Twisting Blade Rogue build. The damage depends on the distance traveled by blades, so a higher distance leads to a more incredible burst of damage.

Jalal’s Vigil dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The dungeon is filled with mighty monsters, but the number of objectives you must complete is few. So you must watch out for the incoming attacks and complete all the objectives to complete Jalal’s Vigil dungeon in D4.

Eliminate the Corrupted Chargers

The first objective you must complete for Jalal’s Vigil dungeon is to find the corrupted chargers and eliminate them in Diablo 4. These elite monsters are much tankier than the usual elite enemies that you encounter in the game.

You need to watch for the poison attacks of the monsters, as these can drain your health quickly. Moreover, you must eliminate all the surrounding monsters before fully concentrating your attacks on the chargers.

Make use of the traps laid out throughout the area to inflict damage on the monsters and turn tides in your favor.

Defeat the Bramble

The final obstacle in the completion of Jalal’s Vigil dungeon is Bramble in Diablo 4. The boss is a wildwood and uses the same attacking pattern as the other wildwoods. You must position yourself perfectly to emerge victorious in this fight.

Try to close the distance or stay far so you can avoid normal attacks. You need to use your dodge skill as much as possible to get away from the hand slams and other attacks. Use the dodge and attack tactic to bring down the boss and clear Jalal’s Vigil dungeon for the rewards in D4.

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