Diablo 4 Fetid Mausoleum Dungeon Guide

Fetid Mausoleum in Diablo 4 is a long and tough dungeon in the Hawezar region. It has around five objectives, and each one of them is ...

Fetid Mausoleum in Diablo 4 is a long and tough dungeon in the Hawezar region. It has around five objectives, and each one of them is time-consuming and filled with a lot of enemies. These enemies are not just the end because Fetid Mausoleum also has a boss waiting for a boss fight.

Going through this much difficulty also rewards the player with a legendary aspect. This guide has all the necessary information about the starting location, objectives, and walkthrough of the Fetid Mausoleum Dungeon in D4.

Fetid Mausoleum location in Diablo 4

It lies in the north-western part of The Writhing Mire area. The Tree of Whispers will allow you easy access to the dungeon. You can use this waypoint in Hawezar and then run the rest of the way to the dungeon entrance.

Diablo 4 Fetid Mausoleum dungeon walkthrough

As discussed above, the Fetid Mausoleum dungeon is among the long and challenging dungeons. A total of 5 objectives need to be completed to conquer this dungeon. The fifth objective involves the boss fight as well. This dungeon will only get available after going through the Hawezar campaign.

  • Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal
  • Travel to the Halls of the Plagued
  • Destroy the Corpse Pile
  • Travel to the Blighted Tomb
  • Defeat the Blood Bishop

Many dungeons in D4, like Fetid Mausoleum, have the same objectives, and collecting and returning the Bloodstones is one of them. The Diablo 4 game mechanic doesn’t allow the protagonist to carry multiple Bloodstones simultaneously. Due to this limitation, players must find and return these stones individually to the pedestal.

This procedure takes time, and players encounter many respawning enemies on the way. There are a total of two such stones in this dungeon. Once the second stone is returned, a door next to the pedestal gets unlocked, leading the way from the Neglected Charnel to the Halls of the Plagued.


In this new area in D4 Fetid Mausoleum, you need to destroy three Corpse Piles. Ghouls and Vampires heavily guard these piles. After destroying them, players must move the protagonist to the Blighted Tomb area, where they will have a final boss fight.

Defeat the Blood Bishop

The fifth and final objective of the Fetid Mausoleum dungeon in Diablo 4 is to defeat the Blood Bishop. Blood Bishop emerges as a boss at the end of another Hawezar dungeon. Defeating the boss will result in clearing the Fetid Mausoleum dungeon.

You will get the Legendary Snowguard’s Aspect as a reward for completing this dungeon in Diablo 4. This is only for the Sorcerer class in D4 and helps reduce damage.

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