Diablo 4 Dark Ravine Dungeon Guide

The Dark Ravine dungeon in Diablo 4 is draining because of its vast area, and its difficulty comes from its narrow corridors and dead ...

The Dark Ravine dungeon in Diablo 4 is draining because of its vast area, and its difficulty comes from its narrow corridors and dead ends. You better not turn this dungeon into Nightmare Dungeon because it will make it impossible to clear.

You will find navigation difficult, and the large dungeon makes it time-consuming. Despite being a randomized layout, the dungeon is circular with a typical layout consisting of Path of the Devoted and Ritual Chamber. The Dark Ravine in D4 is infested with Cultists and Demons, which makes the dungeon terrifying.

This dungeon is exhausting and will take a lot of your time to figure it out and complete it. So here we come to guide you about this tiresome dungeon and how to complete it.

Dark Ravine location in Diablo 4

The Dark Ravine dungeon is in Dry Steppes, where you can find it in the Tusmaa Rift near the border of Kotama Grasslands. It is located on the east side of Ked Bardu city waypoint in the north part of Dry Steppes.

The map location of Dark Ravine and how to get there in Diablo 4.

This dungeon is only accessible when you have passed the third act. You must have participated in the Dry Steppes campaign and completed some campaign quests.

Dark Ravine completion rewards

After defeating the boss, you will get 30 renown points and a legendary aspect, the defensive Aspect of Might. This aspect will grant a 20% damage reduction. This will be rewarded only if you complete the dungeon for the first time.


How to complete Dark Ravine in Diablo 4

The dungeon will be available while progressing through the “Whittling Sanity” campaign mission. You must complete three objectives to clear the dungeon and earn the valuable aspect.

Collect Animus from Animus Carriers

Once you enter the dungeon, you must collect Animus scattered at the distant places of the dungeon. You can collect the Animus from Animus Carrier enemies. You can easily find them on the map by following the skull icons. The Animus are far away from each other, so explore every corner of the area.

After collecting all of the Animus from their carriers, deposit them to Animus Urn in Diablo 4.

Slay the Favored

The next objective in the Dark Ravine dungeon is to travel to the Ancient Cavern. When you have reached the place, you must beat three elite enemies called Favored, pinned on the map with scull icons. But these enemies will also come up with mobs of other enemies, making this task very time-consuming.

Defeat Mother’s Judgment

After slaying all the Favored, the door to Ritual Chamber opens, where you must confront the boss, Mother’s Judgment. It is a powerful cultist sorcerer with red lightning abilities and is difficult to beat because of its high HP. The first thing you should do before defeating Mother’s Judgement in D4 is to heal your character.

In the first stage of the fight, Mother’s Judgement in Diablo 4 will use fireballs and lightning attacks on you. Except for the fireballs, all the other attacks are indicated by red circles on the ground before they are cast.

You can dodge the fireballs by moving out of the way. In consecutive lightning attacks, she throws small circular lightning attacks that can be dodged by moving quickly. Flash lightning strikes are more extensive ones that split into five. Mother’s Judgement in Diablo 4 channels it for a while, and you will take heavy damage during that time.

You must be mindful of smaller lightning attacks. Use long-range attacks on her while being mobile. Be mindful of her fast teleportation and fire attacks; you can easily defeat Mother’s Judgement in no time.

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