Diablo 4 Outlaw Sharpshooter Boss Guide

The Outlaw Sharpshooter is a ranged boss that uses his crossbow and traps against you in Diablo 4. Here is how to bring him down for good!

Diablo 4 is filled to the brim with challenging enemies and bosses to defeat and The Outlaw Sharpshooter is one of them. He is a challenging ranged enemy that uses a powerful crossbow and traps against you. The boss can be found in the dungeon of Cutthroat’s Escape. 

He is related to the Bound by Blood quest and you need to defeat the Sharpshooter to complete it.

To that end, this article will help you find the location of the Outlaw Sharpshooter, his attack patterns, and the strategy to defeat him easily.  

Where to find Outlaw Sharpshooter in Diablo 4 

Outlaw Sharpshooter map location in Diablo 4

This quest Bound by Blood is given by an NPC by the name of Lacthan. Start the quest and then makes your way over to the Mournfield region. Here you will be directed to the Cutthroat’s Escape dungeon in D4. You can only access this dungeon via the quest.

The location for the dungeon is marked on the map above for your ease. You can get here by going East from Margrave.

How to defeat Outlaw Sharpshooter in Diablo 4 

To defeat The Outlaw Sharpshooter boss, you have to avoid different ranged attacks and traps. Following are his attacks which you can dodge: 

Smoke Bomb 

The Outlaw Sharpshooter becomes invisible after he throws a smoke bomb and then shoots three projectiles at you.    

Stun Trap 

The Outlaw Sharpshooter spreads several traps on the surface which will stun you if you walk into them. This will make you an easy target so avoid them.

Explosive Shot

As the name suggests, the Sharpshooter will shoot a projectile that explodes after a while. It will then divide into five smaller projectiles that fly in various directions. You can avoid them by walking in between them in a safe area. 

A moving target is harder to hit so you’ll need to be mobile in your approach. Don’t stand in one place for too long. Get a few hits in and then relocate. Repeat until his health is all the way down to zero to defeat him.

Outlaw Sharpshooter rewards and loot 

For defeating The Outlaw Sharpshooter Boss you will get some gold along with 1 to 2 Magic gear items and 1 to 2 rare gear items. You will also complete the Bound by Blood quest and collect its rewards separately.

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