Diablo 4 Sunken Library Dungeon Guide

In Diablo 4, Sunken Library is one of the over 100 dungeons you can complete. This dungeon also rewards you with a legendary aspect, just ...

In Diablo 4, Sunken Library is one of the over 100 dungeons you can complete. This dungeon also rewards you with a legendary aspect, just like all other dungeons in D4. This dungeon doesn’t have a boss fight, but you still need to complete certain objectives to complete it.

Follow the guide below to learn the location and walkthrough of the Sunken Library dungeon.

Sunken Library location in Diablo 4

The Sunken Library dungeon is located in the Kehjistan region. If you look at the map above, you will see that the Sunken Library dungeon is east of Amber Sands and south of the Altar of Ruin. Once you have unlocked the Altar of Ruin waypoint in Kehjistan you should have an easy time getting to Sunken Library.

Diablo 4 Sunken Library dungeon walkthrough

Completing this dungeon is not difficult, as you don’t have to tackle tough bosses. However, many skeletons and corpse enemies are found in the dungeon. Since these low-level enemies are not part of the objectives, you can ignore and run from them.

The objectives for the Sunken Library are as follows:

  • Slay 3 Archival guardians.
  • Slay the Head librarian and collect the Archive key.
  • Use the Archive key to open Archive door.
  • Travel to the forbidden Archive.
  • Slay all enemies in the forbidden Archive.
  • Slay Hearld of the Dead

As the Sunken Library in D4 is lengthy, you will need time to explore the first area to look for these foes. The best way to do it is to roam and run around every part of the dungeon and kill every enemy.


Sometimes these Archival guardians are with the groups, and it is hard to notice them. So, it is safe to kill every enemy. Attacking from a distance is a safe option since Archival Guardians use some lighting buff to damage you.

The next objective is killing the Head librarian. He is also not easy to find; you need to explore further to find him. Be careful of his buffs when you find him and slay it to claim the Archive key.

Look around where you kill the Head librarian and find a locked door. Use the Archive key to open it and complete this objective. This third area is not as big as the previous area, so it will need less time to complete.

The last objective allows you to kill Herald of the Dead. It is an elite monster, so be careful to use appropriate spells to finish it off and complete the Sunken Library dungeon in Diablo 4.


Completing it will award you with an Aspect of Control. You can also maximize farming by working as a group and thus finishing the objectives faster.

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