Diablo 4 Sealed Archives Dungeon Guide

The Sealed Archives is one the largest dungeons in Diablo 4 and its complex layout structure can take loads of time to explore.

The Sealed Archives is one of the largest dungeons you can look to complete in Diablo 4. It features a complex map layout with a maze of corridors that takes a lot of time to explore.

This is one dungeon that all Druid players need to complete because of its legendary aspect. The Aspect of Mending Stone lets Druids increase the duration of their Earthen Bulwark skill to increase their defense.

So here is a walkthrough on conquering the Sealed Archives dungeon in Diablo 4.

Sealed Archives location in Diablo 4

The map location of Sealed Archives and how to get there in Diablo 4.

The Sealed Archives dungeon is located across the Temple of Rot in the Untamed Scarps subregion of Diablo 4. Getting to this dungeon is going to require a lot of traveling.

The only waypoint in the nearby areas is Jirandai. Most players tend to just teleport to the Ruins of Qara-Yisu and use their mount to reach the Sealed Archives.

Sealed Archives completion rewards

If you are running a Druid build in Diablo 4 and want to improve your survivability, you’ll quite like what the Sealed Archives Dungeon rewards have to offer.

Conquering the Sealed Archives will earn you 30 Renown and the ‍defensive Aspect of Mending Stone.

This Legendary Aspect will provide a very useful effect to your Druid build that will increase your Earthen Bulwark duration and replenish your Earthen Bulwark Barrier if you take out your enemy using an Earth Skill.

This will massively improve your survivability by increasing your Unstoppable and damage Absorbing time.

How to complete Sealed Archives in Diablo 4

The Sealed Archives dungeon is going to feel very familiar if you have done the Lost Archives in Diablo 4. Both have large areas to explore with a map layout that contains a lot of twists and turns.

In addition, you can expect to find a lot of elite enemies here to farm for good gear.

Defeat Decayed Keymaster and find the Rotten Key

Once you enter the dungeon, you’ll find a locked door leading to the next dungeon area of the Archives of Resentment. To unlock this door, you need to get your hands on the Rotten Key which is in the possession of an Elite enemy called the Keymaster.

So, your first objective will task you with finding and slaying the Keymaster to obtain the Rotten Key from him. Open your mini-map and look for a skull icon to show you the location of the Keymaster inside the Dungeon.

Once you track him down you can begin your fight however, this can prove to be more challenging than expected as the nearby enemy spawns can crowd you out leading to an uncomfortable encounter.

Just make sure to keep the monster crowd in check and maintain your distance to defeat him.

Once you slay the Keymaster and obtain his key, you can return to the previously locked Archive Door and open it to access the new area of the Dungeon call the Archives of Resentment.

Travel to the Archives of Resentment

As soon as the door opens you’ll be greeted with several ghouls and traps. Start clearing them out are continue your way forward descending the stairs to reach the new area, Archives of Resentment.

Defeat all enemies in Archives of Resentment

As you start to continue exploring this area more monsters will begin to spawn. Strat clearing them out whilst staying on the move and remember to search every nook and cranny of this area to make sure you don’t miss any.

Travel to the Restricted Archive

Once the Archives of Resentment area has been cleared of all monsters, your new objective will be to progress forward to the next area of the dungeon, Restricted Archive.

You’ll need to travel deeper into the depth of the dungeon by descending a set of stairs to reach the Restricted Archive, where you’ll face Tomb Lord, the boss of the Sealed Archives Dungeon.

Defeat the Tomb Lord boss

The Tomb Lord is one of the easier Dungeon you will face in Diablo 4. You can shred to their health pretty quickly if you keep a few things in find.

The key to this fight is your positioning so as long as you are aware of your surrounding you should be good. Tomb Lord really only has two major attacks of concern.

The first is his summoning attack which spawns explosive bone walls all along the battle area. The wall remain in their position when they are summoned but Tomb Lord also has the ability to blow them up at will.

Should you end up too close to them when they explode, you’ll find yourself taking serious amounts of damage. The best option is to stay away as far as possible but in the case that you get stuck between them, try taking destroying them.

Another option, if your skill rotation allows you to, is to use a repositioning move to end up at a safe spot.

His second move is also tricky to deal with since this attack binds you to the spot and deals AoE damage if you spend too much time in its effect region.

Stay clear of both attacks at all costs and you should finish this boss fight with relative ease and conquer the Sealed Archives Dungeon.

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