Diablo 4 Prison Of Caldeum Dungeon Guide

The Prison of Caldeum in Diablo 4 is one of those dungeons where the developers have tried to add more spice by making it horror based ...

The Prison of Caldeum in Diablo 4 is one of those dungeons where the developers have tried to add more spice by making it horror based. You can unlock this dungeon by progressing in the Campaign in the Kehjistan region.

You will face enemies like Knights, Demons, and Fallen in this dungeon, so make sure you are ready to face them before attempting the Prison of Caldeum dungeon in D4.

Prison of Caldeum location in Diablo 4

The Prison of Caldeum is present in the Caldeum subregion of Kehjistan in Diablo 4. It is near the Imperial Library Waypoint, so you can use it as a fast travel point. Head south from the waypoint to find this dungeon.

Diablo 4 Prison of Caldeum dungeon walkthrough

This dungeon may seem easy at times when you look at the objectives. When you play, multiple hordes of knights are waiting for you around every corner. Walking in unprepared can spell out your demise at the first turn. The main objectives are as follows;

  • Defeat the warden to obtain the warden’s key. Unlock the locked door with this key.
  • Travel through this door while slaying enemies to the Corrupted Deaths.
  • Kill the Animus Carriers to obtain Animus.
  • Use this Animus to fill the Animus Urn.
  • Unlock the boss arena and defeat the Scourge of the Land.

These tasks can seem simple enough, but it isn’t when a horde waits impatiently to kill you in Diablo 4. Use Crowd Control skills to avoid being mauled to death by these knights. Some of them can be bigger. Their attacks may be slow, but the damage dealt by their weapons can prove to be your worst nightmare.

The warden will be surrounded by all sizes of knights and their subordinates. Defeat them and get the key to unlock the locked door in the Prison of Caldeum.

Yet another force of evil will meet you. You must eradicate it before they allow you to pass through. Once you reach the Corrupted Lands, you will come across Animus Carriers. You will need their Animus to fill the Urn, which will unlock the Boss arena in Diablo 4.

Make sure that after slaying the Animus Carriers, look around quickly, as Animus isn’t apparent and can be easily missed.

Scourge of the Land boss fight

The Scourge of the Land is the boss given to the Prison of Caldeum dungeon in D4. It is a Titan beast with a mace as a weapon. Beware of its attacks, as they are slow but deadly in all the right ways. Look out for the attacks where it pounds on the land with the mace. You can defeat the Scourge of the Land boss in Diablo 4 by paying close attention to attacks.

If it hits you right, it can spell disaster for you. You will get the Opportunist Aspect for completing the Prison of Caldeum dungeon in D4. This is an offensive aspect that the Rogue class can use.

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