Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Region Guide 

The Dry Steppes is a rocky wasteland with little water and greenery. The region is home to a canibalistic cult. Here's all there is here.

The Dry Steppes has a rugged topography with rocky cliffs with few bodies of water in Diablo 4. This region is notorious for housing cannibal cults. You’ll also find a barbarian tribe here which Barbarian players can become a part of in the game.

This region may be challenging for you but exploring it completely will earn you an abundance of treasures. You’ll get lots of loot by completing dungeons and strongholds. Apart from these, you’ll have plenty of main and side quests to complete in this area.

You will gain access to this region during the Act 3 of the game. However, the mercenaries and cannibals you encounter here will attack you frequently. So make sure to take them out and explore the Dry Steppes region fully to earn all the rewards in Diablo 4. 

Crafting Materials 

There are certain crafting materials that are exclusive to the Dry Steppes region in Diablo 4. These include three herbs. The first one will be Angelbreath, which is presumably an herb, that can be found in this region. Secondly, Fiend’s Rose is also located in this particular region and can be acquired through the Helltide Events.  

Apart from these two, you can also get the Reddamine material to create incense such as Reddamine Buzz. There will be a lot of ore found in the region that you can take and use to upgrade your gear. 

Altars of Lilith  

During your ventures in the Dry Steppes Region, you will come across the Altars of Lilith at different locations. In total, there will be 33 that you need to find and activate. 


These statues will be hidden in different areas and once you discover all Dry Steppes Altars of Lilith, you will receive the following rewards. These include: 

Willpower +16 
Intelligence +18 
Strength +12 
Paragon Point +4 
Dexterity  +12 

It is always worth it to spend your time discovering all Altars of Lilith locations in other regions of Diablo 4 as well. This way you will be able to enhance your build and become more formidable in your fights. 


There are a total of 21 Dungeons in the Dry Steppes region. Some of these will require you to clear strongholds before you can unlock them. These dungeons hold tons of rewards in terms of loot. You also need to complete them if you want to unlock certain Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4. 

However, these unique aspects are limited to their specific classes. There are four Aspects for the Sorcerer class, three for the Barbarian class, and four for the Druid class. The Rogue class gets four aspects as well and finally, the Necromancer class gets three. 

So you should set out in finding all dungeon locations in Diablo 4 as these will earn you those legendary aspects. You’ll also have a chance to get legendary loots as well which you can use to reinforce your respective builds.


The Dry Steppes will offer you a total of 3 Strongholds that will be present in different areas. As usual, they will be crowded by hordes of enemies in Diablo 4. 

The first stronghold will be found at the Onyx Watchtower. The second will be located at the Temple of Rot. Lastly, you will find the third one at the Ruins of Qara-Yisu. You will be facing enemies such as hordes of the Cannibalistic Cult, some demons, and bosses like Captain Ezmin, Utulklu, and Molqarth.  

So once you are successful in clearing all the Dry Steppes strongholds you will receive Gold, XP, and other rare and legendary items.   

That being said, if you are interested in farming these strongholds then you check our guide out covering all Stronghold locations in D4. 


Unlocking all waypoint locations will tend to ease your travels by a large margin if you are not a fan of traveling long distances in Diablo 4.  

There are a total of 8 Dry Steppes waypoints which will help you fast-travel and access the nearby regions quickly and easily. 

To the north, you will find waypoints Ked Bardu (near Kotama Grassland) and Farobru. The Onyx Watchtower, Fate’s Retreat, and Hidden Overlook will be located on the east side of the Dry Steppes region in Diablo 4. 

Similarly, the Ruins of Qara-Yisu can be found on the southeastern end. Opposite to that you will find the Aluza waypoint on the southwestern side. In between these, you will discover the Jiranda waypoint in the middle towards the Untamed Scarps 

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