Diablo 4 Path Of The Blind Dungeon Guide

Path of the Blind is a dungeon that you can speed-run in Diablo 4. If you are looking for dungeons for XP farming, here's one.

Path of the Blind is a dungeon that you can speed-run in Diablo 4. It is short and its objectives are easy to complete. You do not need to run all over the map like in some of the other large-sized dungeons as the Sealed Archives.

Hence, the Path of the Blind is a good dungeon to do for XP gains and loot farming in D4.

Path of the Blind location in Diablo 4

To find the Path of the Blind Dungeon, you’ll need to travel to the Dry Steppes region of Diablo 4, a harsh desert area. Make your way to the Farobru waypoint and cross small pathway toward the Khargai Crags. 

From there, you’ll need to continue your path east until you run into the Path of the Blind Dungeon.

The map location of Path of the Blind and how to get there in Diablo 4.

Path of the Blind completion rewards

Along with 30 Renown, your Path of the Blind Dungeon completion rewards also offers something very useful to Necromancer players.

This is the offensive Aspect of Bursting Bones, the legendary aspect that boosts your Bone Prison skill and allows it to deal AoE damage on top of its crowd-control abilities.


This Legendary Aspect can prove to be very useful to run in something like a Bone Spear Necromancer Build so be sure to pick it up.

How to complete Path of the Blind in Diablo 4

The Path of the Dungeon is going to feel very fast-paced compared to a few other dungeons in Diablo 4. The last bloodstone objectives especially highlight this as you can split into two and carry on to the boss fight.

Defeat three Blind Guardians

The Path of the Blind is infested with all kinds of monsters including Demons, Beasts, Butchers, and Cultists. These enemies can sometimes overcrowd you if you spend too much time in a congested spot.

You’ll need to take out plenty of them as you continue to complete the first objective, defeating three Blind Guardians.

Remember as you attempt this you must have an understanding of your surroundings, any traps nearby, and most importantly the status of your health bar.

Things can get hectic when defeating all the monsters surrounding the Blind Guardians, so proceed with caution.

You should also know that the Blind Guardians are capable of delivering a ranged fireball attack, so you need to be careful not to get hit by them while you are distracted.

Proceed through the dungeon until you have slain all three guardians.

Search for Bloodstones

Even though you can complete the Path of the Blind Dungeon relatively quickly, the overall area of the Dungeon is huge and can have you exploring for ages.

This objective will task you to find all the Bloodstones spread across the Path of the Blind. Since the layout of the Dungeons are consistent you’ll likely have to explore every nook and cranny of the Dungeon until you find all of them.

Place the Bloodstone on the Pedestal

As you collect every Bloodstone you will be given a new objective. You’ll need to return to the original location of the previous objective where you found the Bloodstone Pedestal.

You’ll now need to interact with it to place all of your collected Bloodstones on top to carry on to the Dungeon boss fight.

Defeat the Scourge of the Land boss

The Scourge of the Land appears in front of you once you place the bloodstones on the pedestal. You’ll need to avoid all of his AoE attacks since he can throw several deadly ones at you.

The first attack you should look out for is his ground AoE attack. It proceeds with him striking a mace on the ground which produces long-lasting waves. You should avoid them for the entire effect duration as walking on them can damage you severally.

The same move also works as his summoning attack. Monsters will spawn through the rifts created so take them down to keep the battle area clean.

More importantly, the move you should look to avoid the most is his triple slam attack as this can cause serious harm to your health bar if you are hit by it.

If you are careful in avoiding the Scourge of the Land’s attacks, you can take them out with relative ease and conquer the Path of the Blind Dungeon.

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