Diablo 4 Blood Bishop Boss Guide

The Blood Bishop in Diablo 4 is a massive vampiric boss you'll fight in multiple locations. He's also linked to a quest. Read to learn more!

Diablo 4 is filled to the brim with challenging bosses. These are found both inside quests and in dungeons as well. They are supposed to be the strongest enemy in the area and as such, will give you a hard time. The Blood Bishop is one such vampiric boss.

This is an optional boss that you can encounter in a variety of ways. This boss might prove a headache if you don’t have enough prior knowledge about him. As such, we will be teaching you everything you need to know about him so you can be better prepared.

Where to find Blood Bishop in Diablo 4 

Blood Bishop map locations in Diablo 4

Blood Bishop can be found in multiple dungeons in D4. But most commonly, you’ll find him at the following dungeons: 

You need to progress through the quest known as Blood Sermon to access the Sanguine Chapel. To get the quest, you need to make your way to Kor Valar and find an NPC named Sister Vera. Approach her and get the quest. 

You can also find Blood Bishop in the Hallowed Ossuary. The boss will be at the end of the dungeon and you need to be at least level 14 to take this on.

How to defeat Blood Bishop in Diablo 4 

The key to defeating the Blood Bishop in D4 is knowing what attacks he’s capable of and avoiding them. Then, you will need to unleash all the attacks in your arsenal to bring him down.

There are 4 repeated attacks that Blood Bishop performs.  


Blood Bishop throws a projectile of energy blast toward you. You can easily get out of the way to avoid it. 

Vollet Projectile

Blood Bishop brings up a small cloud and then shoots multiple energy blasts from it toward you. Move out of the way and keep mobile until the attack is finished.

Blood Clot Mines

The Blood Bishop hits the ground and produces 4x red orbs that will blow up after some time. Either maintain a good distance from the orbs or just take down those orbs if you happen to be in their close vicinity.  


The Blood Bishop grabs you with his appendages. Catches you, sucks your blood, and heals himself simultaneously.

This attack deals constant damage until the attack lasts and you won’t be able to heal yourself. Get out of the way as soon as he raises his appendages towards you to avoid this.

Blood Bishop doesn’t use any sort of defense, so you can attack as soon as you dodge his attacks. The mines can be taken out easily, ideally with AOE attacks when both the mines and the Blood Bishop are in range.

Blood Bishop rewards and loot 

You need to defeat the quest Blood Sermon to defeat the Blood Bishop. Once you do, you will be rewarded with: 

  • Gold 
  • 1-2 random gear items
  • 2 rare gears 
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