Diablo 4 Oblivion Dungeon Guide

In Diablo 4, Oblivion is one of the dungeons where you don't have to face a boss. But that doesn't mean you will not fight any enemy here ...

In Diablo 4, Oblivion is one of the dungeons where you don’t have to face a boss. But that doesn’t mean you will not fight any enemy here. You will encounter many elites here while completing the dungeon objectives.

We have prepared a guide about the location and a walkthrough of the Oblivion Dungeon in D4 to assist you in your adventure.

Oblivion dungeon location in Diablo 4

You can find D4 Oblivion dungeon within Hawezar, in the Eriman’s Pyre area. Unfortunately, there are no waypoints particularly close to the dungeon. However, you can still fast-travel to Wejinhani or Tree of Whispers waypoints and run to the dungeon.

Diablo 4 Oblivion dungeon walkthrough

As mentioned, Oblivion dungeon in D4 is one of those dungeons that can be completed without a boss fight. But it doesn’t mean you will not have to fight at all. There are many Elite enemies, so prepare for them in advance.

You must follow some objectives to conquer the Oblivion Dungeon in D4.

Slay all enemies in the Passage of Enmity

For the first objective, explore the dungeon and kill every enemy. You will find many Banshees and Spirits, but as they are low-level enemies, you will not have difficulty defeating them.


Travel to the Marooned Confinement

Explore further to approach a door. This door will help you reach the second area of the Oblivion dungeon in D4. Go through the door to enter Marooned Confinement.

Free the Six Prisoners

The next objective involves freeing the six prisoners caged in the dungeon. Take down every enemy in the area to avoid damage so you can carefreely free the prisoners. Look out for Elite enemies because they can inflict some damage.

Slay the warden of Anguish and collect the Ritual Pens Key

As you free the last prisoner, an Elite enemy (Xelcan, the Warden of Anguish) will appear. He has fire-enchanted skills, so look out for those and kill him quickly. Collect the ritual Pens Key and move on to the next objective in the Diablo 4 Oblivion dungeon.

Open the Ritual Pens Door

Roam around the area to find a door. Open the door to move on to the next objective.

Travel to the Ritual Pens

Walk ahead to reach the Ritual Pens, where you encounter a few enemies.

Destroy the Three Fallen Idols

The next thing you want to do is to destroy the Fallen Idols. Roam around and slay the enemies on the way, and you will see a steel structure. Dealing with the surrounding foes is the best way to destroy the Idol.

Once the enemies are out of your way, aim for idols and keep attacking until they’re destroyed. Keep the same strategy as the other two, and you will complete the Oblivion dungeon in D4.

Completing the dungeon will reward you with an Aspect of Shared Misery. Unlike most of the other Aspects, it is for all classes. This Aspect allows the user to perform a 30% chance attack on other enemies if used against Crowd Controlled enemy.

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