How To Get Cheat’s Aspect In Diablo 4

It is time to upgrade our defenses and we are going to be doing it with the legendary Cheat’s Aspect in Diablo 4.

It is time to upgrade our defenses and we are going to be doing it with Cheat’s Aspect in Diablo 4. It is a defensive-type legendary aspect in D4 which is exclusive to the Rogue class.

The Cheat’s Aspect legendary aspect will give the rouges an added layer of protection by minimizing the effect of crowd control abilities. Now you will take lesser damage when an enemy uses their crowd control abilities.

Moreover, if the enemy using the crowd control deals any sort of direct damage to you, for the next two seconds, you will be able to move at an increased speed which will help you get yourself out of there.

Damage negation and enhanced moment speed combined together and put into a single legendary aspect for you to use. Without a doubt Cheat’s Aspect can be considered one of the best legendary aspects for Rogues.

Since there is no dependency on any of the skills, you can unlock the Rogue Skill Tree in any way you see fit.

Cheat’s Aspect location in Diablo 4

There are two common ways to get your hands on a legendary aspect. You can get pretty much every aspect in the game by extracting it from legendary loot. Though this method is quite tedious and the chances of you finding the aspect of your choice is still very low.

If the legendary aspect you are looking for is part of the Codex of Power then you are in luck because then you can clear out a specific dungeon location and get the legendary aspect as a reward for doing so.

Lucky for you, Cheat’s Aspect is part of the latter category. To add Cheat’s Aspect to your collection of legendary aspects in D4, you will have to enter and complete the Luban’s Rest Dungeon.

The map location of Cheat's Aspect in Diablo 4.

The dungeon is located in the Strand which is a sub-region of Scosglen. The sub-region is located in the northeastern part of the Sanctuary.

The Corbach Waypoint can serve as a starting point for your journey and from there you can take the left and then start going backward. Take the second left and you will find the dungeon at the end of the path. If you are in the area, you can also explore the Domhainne Dungeon.

It might take a bit to clear the dungeon because there are a couple of objectives you need to do first. First and foremost, you need to rid the dungeon of every enemy in sight and then at the end, you will have to take down the Bandit Caption to obtain the Crypt Key.

Then destroy Sentinel Statue in the Bare Bones area and finally, you will have to defeat Tomb Lord in the Haunted Chambers.

Cheat’s Aspect builds in Diablo 4

Cheat’s Aspect can truly be called one of the most versatile legendary aspect for rouges because there is no dependency on anything. You can simply use it if you are running the rogue class.

Based on that statement, you can use the Cheat’s Aspect in D4 for any rogue build you want and it will fit like a glove.

If you are looking for a starting point then you can consider the Frost Rogue Build or Penetrating Shot Build.

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