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Destiny 2 masterwork armor

Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4 Will Introduce Quitter Penalty, Additional Security Measures Also Included

by   /   1 min ago

Introducing the X-Force Members and Their Abilities in Deadpool 2 – Lore Guard

by   /   2 mins ago
Battle for Azeroth expansion

Battle for Azeroth Expansion Will Remove The First Aid Profession From World Of Warcraft

by   /   10 mins ago
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Confirmed for E3 2018 By CD Projekt RED

by   /   12 mins ago
Sea Of Thieves Death Tax

Sea Of Thieves Death Tax, Players Not Too Happy With It

by   /   46 mins ago
Metro Exodus Demo Nvidia RTX real-time ray tracing

Metro Exodus Demo Showcasing Real-Time Ray Tracing Is The Stuff Of Dreams, Nvidia Volta GPUs Coming Soon?

by   /   1 hour ago
The Witcher Series Sales

The Witcher Series Sales Are Now Over 33 Million, PC Version Is The Best-Selling

by   /   2 hours ago
EA Self-Learning AI Playing Battlefield 1

EA Introduces Its Self-Learning AI, Has Taught Itself To Play Battlefield 1

by   /   3 hours ago
gdc 2018

GDC 2018: “I’ve Worked on Games That Misrepresented Muslims, and I Had No Choice in the Matter,” Dev

by   /   3 hours ago
Dying Light Battle Royale

Dying Light Battle Royale Mode “Bad Blood On Its Way”, Gameplay Video Released

by   /   5 hours ago
Epic Games On Cross-Play

Epic Games: Cross-Play Between Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Is Inevitable

by   /   5 hours ago

New Deadpool 2 Trailer Brings to Attention the X-Force

by   /   7 hours ago

Avengers 4 Will Be the Last Time We See Chris Evans’ Captain America

by   /   7 hours ago
Super Smash Bros Switch

Super Smash Bros And Splatoon 2 On Switch Will Get Tournaments At E3 2018

by   /   14 hours ago

Hori Announces Nintendo Switch D-pad Left Joy-Con, Just In Time For Bayonetta 3

by   /   14 hours ago
Ubisoft Vivendi takeover | PS5 and Next Xbox

Ubisoft Announces New India And Ukraine Studios In Mumbai And Odesa

by   /   15 hours ago
Fortnite Mobile Guide

Fortnite Replay Editor Lets You Share Your Best Moments

by   /   15 hours ago

New Graphics Trailer Shows Off Visuals Of Zone Of The Enders 2 Remaster

by   /   16 hours ago
Atreus and Lore Implications in God of War 4

God of War PS4 Development Is Over, Game Has Gone Gold

by   /   17 hours ago
DOOM Score Attack Mode

Doom is Getting Xbox One X Enhanced Support

by   /   21 hours ago
MLB The Show 18

Get 20% Coupon By Watching MLB The Show 18 Video on PlayStation Store

by   /   21 hours ago
PUBG Xbox Patch

PUBG Event Mode On Test Servers, Features Eight Player Squads

by   /   21 hours ago
Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch

Ark Survival Evolved For Nintendo Switch Confirmed, Coming This Fall

by   /   21 hours ago
Intel H370 Intel Coffee Lake

Intel H370 And H310 Motherboards For Mainstream Coffee Lake CPUs Spotted At Retailer In Thailand

by   /   22 hours ago
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch The Best Selling Console Ever in the United States

by   /   22 hours ago
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